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"Papes" is a word used to mean "paper" frequently, but can be used as a rhyme in a song.

Used as "paper"

  • Email candy product-- The newspaper that Strong Bad is reading reads "Back Pape" and "Da NewsPapes".
  • Email the paper-- Strong Bad calls The Paper "ol' Papes". Its New Stuff description also has "papes" in it.
  • Email underlings-- Strong Bad reads a similar newspaper to the one in candy product. The newspaper reads "Da News Papes".
  • Email bike thief-- Strong Bad calls New Paper "New Papes".
  • Baddest of the Bands-- If you try to take the toilet paper when Coach Z is at the track, he will get angry at you because you are trying to take the "terlet papes".
  • Everything Else, Volume 2-- Coach Z's rap when he steps on to the FBI Warning screen includes "papes."

Other Uses

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