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| Homestar Sketchbook || [[Sketchbook (museum)]] ||
| Homestar Sketchbook || [[Sketchbook (museum)]] ||
| Exerybody! Exerybody! || [[HSR Xeriouxly Forxe]] || Refers to the Page Title of the [[intro]].
| Exerybody! Exerybody! || [[Xeriouxly Forxe]] || Refers to the Page Title of the [[intro]].

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Page titles on are often unique and interesting. This is a list of all known page titles, with the exception of Strong Bad Email, which usually just contains the name of the current computer.


Big Toons

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
You know dang well! 2 Part Episode: Part 2
Sponsored by BEEF 2 Part Episode: Part 1
A Kick-a-ball jam named Saturdays Kick-A-Ball This page title is a reference to the De La Soul song "A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'".
SBASAF Mind Control Films Presents Career Day
All your questions....sort of answered!! DNA Evidence
Meet me on down at the Chez Perez! Date Nite
The Homestar Runner Enters the Longest Page Title on the Website Contest! Strongest Man in the World Contest This page title is not the longest on, but it is second only to that of Shopping For Danger.
Your dreams were your ticket out... Weclome Back References the John E. Sebastian song "Welcome Back", which was the theme song from the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter.
Folky Tales A Folky Tale
Sittin' with a kitty... Cool Things "Sittin' with a kitty" is a lyric from the Sonic Youth song "Kool Thing".
Don't...kill...bugs. Bug in Mouth Disease A reference to Bob & Doug McKenzie's "Great White North" album. Specifically, it refers to the "Elron McKenzie" track, where Doug plays a preacher whose sermon deals with the importance of not killing bugs.
Blue Las-alert, Kids! Cheat Commandos will be right back after these messages! Shopping For Danger
The Bighouse! Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon
Presented in Glorious "SOUND-O-VISION" Parsnips A-Plenty
Where is the Cheat? Where's The Cheat?
The Luau The Luau
A Jorb Well Done A Jorb Well Done
The Reddest Radish The Reddest Radish
IN SEARCH OF THE YELLO-DELLO v2. In Search of the Yello Dello New Version
In Search of the Yello Dello In Search of the Yello Dello Old Version


Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Thinking Mascots Union Local 282 On Break Based on the band Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.
Make it Colden Ones for Colden Times! Where My Hat Is At? (toon)
What Everyone Will Be Talkin Abrat! Loading Screens
Please to be committing, comrade! 79 Seconds Left
They Need All The Firepower They Can Get! Pistols for Pandas
Tomatocycle Season 1 on DVD! Where U Goin' 2?
Hey There, Doughnut Rush! Donut Unto Others
I knew they'd come back to me... 4 Gregs
Total Coincidence! Not Intentional! Best Caper Ever This title is referring to the cartoon's unfortunate timing; it was released the day after 134 people were rescued from a freeflowing sheet of ice that broke off into Lake Erie.
Rotating Computer Graphic Guaranteed! Coach Z's 110%
Hot Action? Big Numbers? Place ya bets!
Cheat Chimendez-O's The Next Epi-Snowed
Moist and Hot on a Hot, Moist Day! The Baloneyman
Greetings From Depressio Beach! Somber Vacation
Wanna mess around? Play Date
The Timeless Classic Comes To Life The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck In His Craw
I Can't Do Oranges! Limozeen Live! The page title of the concert notice is "Zeenin' into the Club Circuit!"
See Participating Stores for Details! Blubb-O's Commercial
The Label Made Us Do It! Limozeen vs. Sloshy Refers to the practice that record labels often do to capitalize on two popular bands, in which both appear on the record.
Cut her some FLAX! Quality Time
B.O.D.H. Local 1-1-Style Ever and More! Conforms to the practice of referring to a local union as a "local" followed by that local union's number.
Lookout World! One Two, One Two In Strong Bad's song, he sings, "Lookout world" I'm an independent girl! Rollin' around like a motorcade! Lookout world! I'm an independent girl! Meet me at the arcade!"
Deleted Scenes have Deleted Scenes? Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene The scene has deleted scenes.
We now return to the REAL Cheat Commandos! An Important Rap Song Reference to such cartoons as The Real Ghostbusters and The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.
Shoots up to 300 feet! Drive-Thru
For Reals This Time! KOT'S VOQPCS!
Homestar Decker-Slaney No Hands On Deck! Reference to U.S. middle-distance runner Mary Decker-Slaney.
Dare to Bare! Summer Short Shorts Reference to a slogan used by hair-removal product Nair, who became famous for their ad jingle where people asked "Who wears short shorts?"
Not Just Yet!! Sbemail 150?!? This toon was released before the much-anticipated 150th email.
A-Lotsa the Cheatsa! 500 The Cheats
Here Comes Sickness! Sick Day "Here Comes Sickness" is a song by Mudhoney.
Buy all our Teaching Aids and Filmstrips! Commandos in the Classroom a takeoff of the Cheat Commandos advertising jingle, "Buy All Our Playsets And Toys!!"
Con as in Convention! TrogdorCon '97
Things Are Looking Up! The Li'l Brudder Show
A Lem Sportsinterviews Joint Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer A double-reference to Leomard Sportsinterviews, who directed the movie, and Spike Lee, who often dubs his movies "A Spike Lee Joint".
Coming Soon from Vitrelecix! Peasant's Quest Preview Videlectrix is spelled incorrectly.
So a guy walks up to an ATM... Experimental Film
Need A Loan??!! Senor Mortgage
Breakfast is Fundamental Cheat Commandos...O's
Witness the Cheatar! The Cheatar
Compy 386!! Cheat Commandos The page title is "Compy 386!!", yet this is not an email. This is probably because The Brothers Chaps used the source HTML code from an email and forgot to change the title.
Mr. Shmallow makes good! Mr. Shmallow Reference to the email 2 emails, in which Old-Timey Strong Bad says "Uncle Strong Bad makes good!"
The Ballad of The Sneak Ballad of The Sneak
T-TV, TV Show! Lookin at a Thing in a Bag
Quite Exciting This Computer Magic! Arcade Game A quote from the movie This is Spinal Tap.
404 Doodoo Error The System is Down Refers to the 404 error that appears when attempting to access an incorrect URL.
New from Galoob! Meet Marshie Galoob was a toy company that has since been bought by Hasbro.
Interview The Interview The page title for an unfinished version is "Metro.pop Interview".
Fluffy Puff Marshmallows Fluffy Puff Commercial
Listen in wonder! Theme Song Video
old Kick the Can The page title is the same as the .html filename.
A Web-Only Special Offer Strong Bad Sings

Holiday Toons

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Watch Intro? Come on in. April Fool 09
Hope it's not too...Late! A Death-Defying Decemberween
Listen to it Fizz! Hooked on Decemberween
Holiday Prices on Spiced Bun and Frozen Bake! Twenty THANXty Six
Hey! Some pretty good ones this year! Fan Costumes '08
Ketchup Fountain SOUL'd Separately! Most in the Graveyard
Closeout Costumes at Authentic Prices! Costume Commercial
The T of the K, Baby! Rotten Eggs "T of the K" is an abbreviation of "Top of the Key".
Listen Up Short Children!! Sickly Sam's Big Outing
Futbol Americano en Espanol! Sloshybowl The page title is "American Football in Spanish!" in Spanish.
Brought to you by Le Restige! Trogday 08 Le Restige is the name of the chair Strong Bad is sitting in in the beginning of the toon.
Brundo the Decemberween Yak and the Sword of St. Olaf Happy Dethemberween Brundo the Decemberween Yak and the Sword of St. Olaf is a stop motion Decemberween special inside Happy Dethemberween.
Don't be a Jerky... Toikey TV
People are STILL doing it! Fan Costumes '07
Buy a bag, go home in a box! Jibblies 2 Taken from the tagline of the 1991 horror movie Popcorn.
The Short Shorts are BACK! And Holiday Scented! Decemberween Short Shorts
A Very Tremendous Chimendez Thanksgiving Let us give TANKS! Reference to A. Chimendez.
The Crazy Dress 'Em Ups Fan Costumes '06
HA HA HA HA Halloween Night! Happy Hallow-day
Burninating 3 Candles! Happy Trogday This toon celebrates the third anniversary of Trogdor.
Reign On, Parade! Reign On! Fall Float Parade
The Ween Aught Five More Fan Costumes May be a reference to Homestar Presents: Presents, in which Bubs is selling "Aught Four Crap" and then he says, "Gotta make room for the Aught Five Crap."
Choose it or Lose it! Halloween Potion-ma-jig
Fuh-lamable! Happy Fireworks
Battle of the Network Stars!! Senorial Day "Battle of the Network Stars" was an annual TV special in the late '70s that pitted stars from various TV shows teamed up by network (ABC vs NBC vs CBS) competing in various Olympic-style events.
Finally At Last!!! PAY PLUS!
White and Drifted Snow, Yo! Homestar Presents: Presents
Have a Rather Dashing Decemberween! Snowglobe
A Boogidy, Boogidy Halloween Fairstival
Bury me deep I'm cold and clammy! That A Ghost Taken from an interview with Matt Chapman in which he says this line as Homsar. The interview can be seen here.
Coming Soon! The biggest name is Web Advertising!! Under Construction
Get Scared NOW! Ask me how! 3 Times Halloween Funjob
Halloween 2003 Fan Costume Commentary
M-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N Malloween Commercial
Superbowl 20X6 Superbowl Dealie A reference to 20X6.
A Decemberween Pageant A Decemberween Pageant
A Pumpakin Carve-nival Pumpkin Carve-nival Homestar Runner says "pumpakin" in the toon.
Sponsored by Dolly Madison! The Best Decemberween Ever, A Holiday Greeting Refers to Dolly Madison Bakery, a sponsor of various cartoon specials on CBS — including Peanuts — throughout the 1960s and 1970s.
Strap on that feed bag!! Some Stupid Turkey
Trick, then treat, then smell feet The House That Gave Sucky Treats
Little Boy Blue A Mother's Day Message A double reference to Little Boy Blue, a nursery rhyme, and Strong Bad, who, in the toon, is dressed in a blue sailor's outfit.

Puppet Stuff

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Puppets on Patrol! Dangeresque: Puppet Squad
Biz Cas Fri 3 Biz Cas Fri 3
Biz Cas Fri 2 Biz Cas Fri 2
Biz Cas Fri 1 Biz Cas Fri 1
Strong Bad vs. Little Girl! Strong Bad vs. Little Girl!
Homestar vs. Little Girl 2 Homestar vs. Little Girl 2
Labor Dabor Labor Dabor
Puppet Jam: Mission Control Puppet Jam: Mission Control
Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities Puppet Jam: Vitamins/Celebrities
Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams
Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes
Puppet Time Puppet Time
Everybody Knows It Everybody Knows It The original title was "Some Puppet Thing!".

Powered By The Cheat

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Get Your Product Phat For Ya! Trudgemank
Crample-O Stow Records Present! Rap Song
Powered By The Cheat!! New Boots, Crazy Cartoon
Everybody To The Limit Everybody To The Limit
The Cheat Theme Song The Cheat Theme Song


Strong Bad Email

See Strong Bad Email Page Titles.


Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Happy 8600! Hremail 24 and Hremail 49 This is a reference to Strong Bad Emails that have the computer name as the page title.
Randy 400! Hremail 7 This is a reference to the Tandy 400.
Arturo 9000! Hremail 62 and Hremail 2000 This too is a reference to Strong Bad Emails.

Teen Girl Squad

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
T33n G1rl Squ4dx0rx!!11 Menu The page title is "Teen Girl Squadxorx!!!!" in leetspeak.
TEE GEE ESS!! Issue 1
Teen Grrrl Squad!! Issue 2 An appearance of "grrrl".
TGS Numba 3 Issue 3
TGS Tissue 4 Issue 4
Spring Type Break! Issue 5 An appearance of "type".
DecemberTeen Girl Squad (Decemberween In July)
Secret Decemberween Gift Exchange!! (Teen Girl Squad menu)
Issue 6
Diaper School Grads! Issue 7 In this toon, the girls are toddlers.
Soopa Groop Issue 8
Summatime Style! Issue 9
Tenth Issue-versary! Issue 10
Eleven Division Titles! Issue 11 Likely refers to the Atlanta Braves, who, at the time of the toon, had won 11 consecutive National League East division titles.
Vamlumtimes Day! Issue 12 In the toon, the girls celebrate Valentine's Day.
Bebe's Sitter's Kids! Issue 13 Reference to comedian Robin Harris's "Bébé's Kids" stand-up comedy act. After his death, his routine was adapted into a movie, also called "Bébé's Kids".
Exempt Those Exams! Issue 14
Light Purple Cummerbund! Issue 15 A cardboard cutout of Tenerence Love sings a song with this name during the toon.

Marzipan's Answering Machine

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Marzipan's Answering Machine Volume 1 Version 1.0
Marzipan's Answering Machine Volume 2 Version 2.0
Marzipan's Answering Machine Volume 3 Version 3.0
Marzipan's Answering Machine Volume 4 Version 4.0, Version 6.0 For some reason, Version 6.0 is titled "Volume 4".
Marzipan's Answering Machine Volume 5 Version 5.0
Marzipan's Spooky Answering Machine Version 7.0 This answering machine is a Halloween special.
Marzipan's Answering Machine Versions 8.0 - 15.2
Temporary Steward's Answering Machine Version 16.2 Strong Sad substitutes for Marzipan this answering machine.

Special Cartoons

Character Videos

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Characters Menu
Homerun Hitter!! Homestar Runner The origin of Homestar Runner's name.
Get ready for the new!! Strong Bad
Incredible Cheating Action!! The Cheat
Light Fuse, Get Away!! Strong Mad
Poetry Slam!! Strong Sad
The Most Mackinest!! Pom Pom Reference to the Beastie Boys' song "Shake Your Rump."
Oh Yeah Yeah!! Marzipan Reference to Marzipan's song "Oh yeah yeah" from the email marzipan.
Drop Down and Gimme 20!! Coach Z
Bargain Basement Prices!! Bubs
Go Go Cookie Dough!! The King of Town
Crapatola!! The Poopsmith
The Hand-Me-Down Clown!! Homsar


Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Everybody! Everybody! Intro, Intro 2
Everybody! Doo Hoo Doo Hoo! King of Town Intro The original page title was "Nobody! Nobody!"
That's Mike going 'Beeooo!' Old Intro The original page title was "Everyone Love the Homestar Runner".
The Original Website! Old Intro 2 The original page title was "Homestar Runner!"


Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Terminal D6!! Sbemailiarized!
Actually Hard at Work! (some loafing implied) Workin' on the Game
Jumping Jack Contest A Jumping Jack Contest
This was gonna be glutemate great! Eggs Glutamate is an amino acid. It is spelled wrong in the title.
Field Day intro Field Day Intro Welcome Speech First Time Here?
Tandy 400! Slightly Not-Working - Only $900!! King of Town Email In gimmicks, Strong Bad asks to borrow $900 from Strong Sad to repair the Tandy 400.
I do my own GRFX Lappynapped! Refers to a business card seen in the toon.
8:30! Be there! Marshmallow's Last Stand In the toon, the War for the Star takes place at 8:30 PM.
Bless This Mess! Needlepoint Refers to the phrase "Bless This House", which is often seen on needlepoint pictures. Additionally, "Bless This Mess!" is also a needlepoint picture seen in Ned Flanders' closet from The Simpsons.
Not the 100th Email!!! Not the 100th Email!!!
Super Homestario Bros. Super NES Reference to Super Mario Bros.


New Games

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
AWEXOME CROSS 98!! Awexome Cross
Dangeresque - Roomisode 1: Behind The Dangerdesque Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque
More Marshie for the Kids! Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up
Peasant's Quest Peasant's Quest
I FEEL ASLEEP! Population: Tire The Viidelectrix page title is "pop_tire". "I FEEL ASLEEP!" is a quote from the game Metal Gear.
I Rhino! I hunger! RhinoFeeder The page title refers to the arcade game Sinistar, in which the player battles a large spaceship shaped like a head that says, "I hunger!".
Secret Collect featuring a Strong Bad! Secret Collect. The Viidelectrix page title is "Furtive Acquire", which is synonymous with "Secret Collect".
Check out my new gameplay! Stinkoman 20X6 Reference to Stinkoman's line in 3 Times Halloween Funjob, "Check out my new cosplay!".
I Strong Bad! I hunger! StrongBadZone Another reference to the game Sinistar (see Rhinofeeder explanation above).
Thy Dungeonman! Thy hunger! Thy Dungeonman Yet another Sinistar reference (see StrongBadZone and RhinoFeeder above).
Behold Thy Graphics!! Thy Dungeonman 3 This is the first Thy Dungeonman game with graphics.
TROGDOR!!! TROGDOR! The Viidelectrix title is "And in the night, there is time for ... Trogdor!", a reference to the song Trogdor.

Handheld Games Menu

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
litebrite Astro-Lite 2600 The page title for the old version is "Astro-Lite 2600".
Play drums for Marzipan! Do it! Now!! Audition With Marzipan
Bronco Trolleys!! Bronco Trolleys
This guy's got moves!!! Dancin' Bubs The original page title was "Dancin' Bubs!".
Homestar Runner Fortune Cookies Fortune Cookies
Hairstyle Runner! Hairstyle Runner
Smell that purple ink!! Homestar Quiz Refers to the use of ditto machines to make copies in school; they typically used purple ink and had a strong, distinctive smell.
Homestar Talker Homestar Talker
The Original Website! She Loves Me! The original page title was "She loves me..."
Strong Libs Strong Libs
Who Said What Now? Who Said What Now?

Videlectrix Games

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Take some steps! 50K Racewalker
Duck Guardian One! Save a Duck, Save THE WORLD!! Duck Guardian One The Viidelectrix page title is "Duck is great time."
Over 100 Hours of Gameplay! Hallrunner
Don't Forget Your Inhaler! Kid Speedy The Viidelectrix page title is "Kid Weedy".
Pigs on Head - Handheld Gamings-on! Pigs on Head
Comes with 3 volume set of Thy Encyclopedias and Reference Guide! Thy Dungeonman II
Where's an Egg? Where's an Egg?

Toon Games

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Make-O Your Own Stinko! Make-O Your Own Stinko
Only the Polygoniest Technologies!! Extra Real Dating Sim XR
You ARE the Mix Mastah! MixMastah 800


Main Pages

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
What's not to love about Homestar Runner? Main Page 1
Homestar Runner Main Page 2, Main Page 3
The Comeback Kid!! Also known as Homestar Runner! Main Page 4
Doing it right ways all the's Homestar Runner! Main Page 5
Homestar Runner must be dead! Main Page 6
Dead as a doornail! Main Page 7
What's so great about Homestar Runner? Main Page 8
Trapper Keeper!! Main Page 9 Trapper Keeper is a seller of American binders and notebooks.
Old Timey Fun Timey! Main Page 10
More news at 11! Main Page 11
Come Forth on July!!! Main Page 12
Homestar Runner Game Pac Main Page 13
Nakers!!! Main Page 14
Powered by The Cheat Main Page 15
WE'RE SNOWED IN!! Main Page 16
20X6!!! Main Page 17
Sweet Cuppin Cakes Main Page 18
The Show!! Main Page 19
Duckie Shirt!! Main Page 20
Many Green Lines! Main Page 21
Drop a train on em! Main Page 22 "Drop a train on 'em!" is a quote from virus.
Backstage Pass Main Page 23
20/200! Main Page 24 20/200 is the visual acuity measurement used as the threshold for legal blindness.
Sponsored by Hollerin' Jimmy's Hobby Kits! Main Page 25 Hollerin' Jimmy's Hobby Kit first appeared in lackey, which is also the origin of Doreauxgard, who makes his puppet debut on this menu
Revamped for the Nineties! Main Page 26
Everyone loves tofu!! Luau Main Page!! King of Town Main Page
Homestar Talker Strong Bad Main Page The main page is found after winning the Homestar Talker.

Toons Menus

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Fun in the Living Room! TV Time Toons Menu
Can I Take Your Order, Please? Chinese Food Toons Menu The original page title was "Lucky Toons Menu".
telebision at its best! Telebision Toons Menu
toons Oldest Toons Menu

Games Menus

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Shots do NOT hurt other players... yet. Scrolling Shooter Games Menu The page title, "Shots do NOT hurt other players...yet." is from the classic arcade game Gauntlet.
Viidelectrix Viidelectrix
Exciting Handheld Action! Handheld Games Menu
The Games Menu!! For the Whole Damn Family!! Third Games Menu This is a use of swearing.
The Original Website! Second Games Menu, First Games Menu Previous titles for the second games menu were "Games!", "The Games Menu!! For use with Joysticks or Paddles", and "The Games Menu!! For the Whole Damn Family!!" The original title for the first menu was "Games!".

Character Pages

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Characters Character Videos
Yearbook Yearbook Character Page The page title for the Autographs page is "This year was the best!"
The Original Website! Old Characters Page The original page title was "She loves me...", which was the page title for She Loves Me!.


Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Oops! You bwoke it. 404'd
Email Menu - It's maybe just for email againymore! Email Refers to its old page title: "It's not just for email anymore!"
FAQ - Ouch. What do you do? FAQ "Ouch. What do you do?" is a quote from the NES game The Goonies II; enemies shout this phrase when attacked.
Homestore Runner! Flash Store
Everybody! Everybody! Index Page
Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: BORING! Legal
Check out this old Crap! Museum This is a use of crap.
Podstar Runner. One a time, please. Podstar Runner (2008)
Podstar Runner Come On And Come On, Ya'll Podstar Runner 2006 Reference to the intro for rampage.
Hot Punkins! Fresh off the Line! Punkin Stencils (2009)
Make-a Your Own-a Pumpakin! Punkin Stencils (2003-2008) Homestar says "pumpakin" in Pumpkin Carve-nival.
Homestar Sketchbook Sketchbook (museum)
Exerybody! Exerybody! Xeriouxly Forxe Refers to the Page Title of the intro.
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