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...and a grant from The Cheat

Within the Homestar Runner body of work, there are a number of references to PBS or to shows which appear on PBS, or simply public broadcasting.




PBS Kids

  • Email for kidsHomsar asking the kids if they want to "hear of [the song] 50 times more" may be a reference to the PBS show Teletubbies, in which whenever a "real-life" clip is shown, it is always repeated per request of the Teletubbies. Strong Bad also finds it absurd that the sender thinks he's intended for children, who watch "those shows on public television".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 6 — "3 noses?" may reference an episode of the Magic School Bus, in which the judges award points for the best smell with a score in "noses".
  • Email rampage — Strong Bad's "reading rampage" is a reference to Reading Rainbow.

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