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"The Cheat training... what're ya gonna do?"

Occasionally, a character will mention his or her own dang something, often in ways where it flows awkwardly in the sentence.


  • Email mile — The Podstar Runner description is "The Cheat animates his own dang email".
  • Email isp (commentary) — Coach Z claims to have made up a joke by his own dang self, though evidence conflicts this.
  • Email yes, wrestlingStrong Bad's career apparently took off when he wrestled as his own dang self.
  • Blubb-O's Commercial — The Blubb-O's announcer says to "come the heck down to Blubb-O's and try your dang self the Blubb-O's Classic."
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog — In the April 24, 2008 post, Strong Bad alters a screenshot to show Strong Sad performing "open heart surgery on his own dang self."
  • Baddest of the BandsBubs and Coach Z's band, the Two-O Duo, make a song about Bubs stealing stuff from his own dang store. This phrase is (with slight variations) used several times throughout.
  • Donut Unto OthersHomestar Runner creates doughnuts from Marzipan's kitchen. The newspaper recounts it as "The Marzipan was stunned today when she woke to find a totally legit donut enterprise operating out of her own dang kitchen..."
  • Email dictionary — The definition for "hwimswelf" hints The Cheat peeing by his owndangself.
  • @StrongBadActual — Strong Bad encourages his followers to "3D print your own dang Lappier!"

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