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Aside from Halloween, Dangeresque and The Cheat Commandos, there have been other times when the Homestar Runner characters have worn costumes or were seen in some form of costume.

Image Character Costume Seen in
Homestar Runner The Cheat do over
Homestar Runner Bubs or Bubs' "own flesh and blood" Senorial Day
Homestar Runner Strong Bad halloweener
Homestar Runner Strong Sad impression
Homestar Runner Poppy the Tire theme park
Homestar Runner The Jolly Dumple mascot
Strong Bad Pom Pom A Jumping Jack Contest
Strong Bad Strong Sad impression
Strong Bad Tragic Clown Dog part-time job
The Cheat Homestar Runner do over
The Cheat Homestar Runner A Jumping Jack Contest
The Cheat Strong Bad A Jumping Jack Contest
The Cheat Customer Assistance replacement
File:TheCheatAsTheCheat.PNG The Cheat The Cheat replacement
File:TheCheatAsSadLeg.PNG The Cheat Strong Sad's left leg impression
The Cheat Tito part-time job
Strong Mad Strong Bad A Jumping Jack Contest
Bubs Baby Senorial Day
Bubs The Hoppity Frog of Value Senorial Day
Bubs John McEnroe Senorial Day
Bubs Satan Senorial Day
Coach Z Stoppy the Sign theme park
Homsar Strong Sad impression
Homsar General Tso's Chicken theme park
File:hasmatt.jpg The Poopsmith Has Matt? couch patch
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