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The Original Games Menu was the first interface for game selection used on the Homestar Runner site. It has a school theme consistent with pages such as Main Page 9 or the Yearbook Character Page. This games menu was followed by the Second Games Menu and is now seen in the Museum.

Page Title: Games!

Available Games

  • Fortune Cookies -- Homestar Runner loves Chinese food. Especially General Tsu's chicken. Get some free advice from his fortune cookies.
  • Homestar Talker -- Make Homestar say just about anything. Click a word and he'll say it. Fun, right?
  • Bronco Trolley -- Help Homestar eat as many Bronco Trolleys as possible. You don't know what a Bronco Trolley is? Go find out!!
  • Hairstyle Runner -- What you've all been waiting for! Finally, you can give the gift of hair to Homestar Runner! Make it great!!!
  • Astrolite 2600 -- Remember the Lite Brite? Neither do we. This is something totally new.
  • Dancin' Bubs -- Who is the man? Why it's Bubs of course! Help Bubs put his weight on it on the dancefloor. Solid.

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