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Nice eyesight there, Original Bubs.

Original Bubs, according to Strong Bad, is Bubs as portrayed by the original actor. He bears only a passing resemblance to the actual Bubs, and his design is based on a preliminary drawing of Bubs as seen in the Sketchbook from the Museum.

Strong Bad tells his tale in original, saying that Original Bubs quit after The King of Town ate the mayo off of his egg salad. The other characters initially pretended he was still there by repeating what he allegedly said and indicating that he was behind large boxes. Eventually, he was replaced by "guest" Bubses and finally by the actual Bubs.

Bubs denies this story and violently threatens Strong Bad to recant it. Marzipan also indicates that Strong Bad made it up.

The word "Original" is an integral part of Original Bubs's name, like the "The" in The Cheat.

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