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The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest is the original children's book that started it all. The story is bizarre and has few of the regular characters but showed signs of the greatness to come. The archive includes the story plus some alternate cover ideas.

The Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, and three others enter the Strongest Man in the World Contest. "Whoever holds the most grapes, wins." Strong Bad cheats with the help of The Cheat himself (naturally).

Strong Bad later made a revised edition of the story in the email "kids' book." The book was also spoofed in the 100th email "flashback," which in turn inspired Main Page 20.

Cast(in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, Strong Bad, The Cheat, Mr. Bland, The Robot, Señor, The Announcer, The Grape Fairie


The Story

Image Text Link
File:cover1.jpg The original children's book that started it all. Here's the first cover. Notice at this point he's THE Homestar Runner. (July 96) View Page 1
File:cover2.jpg The alternate, construction paper cover. A little less embarassing. (Sept 96) View Page 2
File:cover3.jpg The 'I'm just learning Photoshop' remix of the cover. (July 97) And now, onto the story... View Page 3
File:book1.jpg Everybody loves the Homestar Runner. He is a terrific athlete. View Page 4
File:book2.jpg One day, his friend, Pom-Pom, asked him to enter the Strongest Man in the World Contest.
File:book3.jpg The Homestar Runner agreed, and the two trained for days and days to become the strongest men in the world.
File:book4.jpg On the way to the contest, another competitor, Strong Bad, made fun of them. "I'm the very strongest! You guys are not very strong!"
File:book7.jpg Upon their arrival, the rules were explained: The Grape Fairie starts everyone off with twenty grapes, then adds one at a time. Whoever holds the most grapes, wins.
File:book8.jpg The Grape Fairie granted each of them twenty grapes.
File:book9.jpg Mr. Bland did not hold up.
File:book10.jpg The Grape Fairie added another grape.
File:book11.jpg Señor was NOT the strongest man in the world.
File:book12.jpg Suddenly, the Robot shut down and dropped his grapes. Homestar knew something was up.
File:book13.jpg There were only three contestants left. Another grape was added.
File:book14.jpg Homestar noticed that Strong Bad was getting some extra help. "I will drop my grapes and uncover that CHEAT!"
File:book15.jpg The Homestar Runner yanked the cheat out from under the pile of grapes. "OH NO!" screamed Strong Bad.
File:book16.jpg Strong Bad was squished and Pom-Pom won.
File:book17.jpg Knowing that he could not have done it without The Homestar Runner's help, Pom-Pom shared the trophy.


"Just a story we made one afternoon, went to Kinko's, made about ten or fifteen copies of it, and kind of gave it to our friends, and that was it, really, for several years. We just did that in the summer. We were in college, and did it in a bored afternoon."

Fun Facts

  • The alternate text for all of the pictures in the book except the first page and the covers is "Pom Pom's beady eyes".
    • The first cover has no alternate text.
    • The construction paper cover's alternate text is "supa punchtime!"
    • The "Photoshop" cover's alternate text is "Oh, Pollette!"
    • The first page's alternate text is "big head, tiny legs."

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