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Presumably the very oldest toons menu. The toons.swf file is embedded in this page. However, for some odd reason, the swf file is no longer on the site. The following text is contained in the page source:

Kick the Can: An ancient Homestar cartoon found in the ruins of Pompei.

Pom Pom, Too: A sweet little story about the big, round, yellow one. Pom Pom is his name.

The King of Town: The King of Town has lost his crown. No, wait. I mean his sheep.

Marshmallow's Last Stand: What more is there to life than marshmallows and tag-team wrestling?"

What is it?

This menu was most likely the earliest one on the site. This idea is backed by the fact that The Isle of Pom appears in the source. However, we'll probably never know because, when loaded, the page stays blank. It never shows anything but white nothing-ness.

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