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This is the oldest known downloads menu, using a Napster-based interface. The URL "homester.html" was taken by the current Downloads page between December 2002 and January 2003, and the Flash file was taken off homestarrunner.com at an unknown date; however, both have been archived.

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2001 or earlier

Page Title: Homester Beta v2.5


Available Downloads


  • Homestar Quotes
    • Set 1 mac pc
      • "Before I drink something, often times
        I eat something too."
      • "Between the milk and the cold ones!"
      • "Okay. I'm all business this time."
      • "I know, Can you believe it?"
      • "Where my hat is at?"
    • Set 2 mac pc
      • "Boop-boop-boodle", etc. (circus music)
      • "I could go for a few cold ones right
        about now."
      • "I did a great WHAT?"
    • Set 3 mac pc
      • "I think I has the solution!"
      • "Hey stupid, I brought you this stuff."
      • "Oh, man that was terrible
      • "Oookay...that's weird."
      • "Ooooh, I ate too many marshmallows."
  • Strong Bad Quotes
    • Set 1 mac pc
      • "Why you lazy crap for crap!"
      • "Things were just about to start
        getting crazy-go-nuts."
      • "Pretty impressive, huh? I bet you're
        pretty impressed."
      • "Somebody get this freakin' duck away
        from me!"
    • Set 2 mac pc
      • "Come on guys, and come on guys, and
        come, come, come, coming on guys."
      • "Once I knew this guy, and he made two
        different pies. And one of them was
        apple, and one of then was something
        that I probably shouldn't mention...
        so I'm not going to...mention.
      • *fart noise* "You guys, that was a pretty good one."
    • Set 3 mac pc
      • "Check me out. No seriously,
        check me ooout."
      • "...and possibly, quite even possibly
        quite possibly fourteenth base."
      • "I am the very strongest. You guys are
        not very strong."
      • "This is the quote of the day"
      • "Must...check...e-mail."
  • Coach Z Quotes
    • Set 1 mac pc
      • "My name is Coach Z, pronounced with
        an oach z."
      • "I have more than TWO problems."
      • "Oh jeez, I'm just not cut out to say
        the word 'jaerb."
      • "Great jaerb, there Homestar."
  • Marzipan Quotes
    • Set 1 mac pc
      • "Everyone loves tofu!"
      • "I'm the only girl."
  • Bubs Quotes
    • Set 1 mac pc
      • "Don't you talk to me."
      • "I mean he had some freakin' muscle."
  • Strong Sad Quotes
    • Set 1 mac pc
      • "I always just get locked in the bathtub."


computer stuff


Fun Facts

  • The contents of the "computer stuff" and "other" sections remained visible in the page source.
  • The Homestar desktop theme is listed twice.

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