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The skeletons of most of the old-timey characters were seen in That a Ghost when the ghost literally scared them out of their skins.


The Homestar Runner

The Homestar Runner's skeleton
* His foot bones are the same shape as his shoes.


Marzipan's skeleton
* Her ponytails have bones in them.
  • Marzipan's skeleton also reveals that her "skirt" has its own skeletal structure. This is in agreement with The House that Gave Sucky Treats, where contemporary Marzipan wore jeans with a hole near the hem, and skin was visible underneath.

Fat Dudley

Fat Dudley's skeleton
* He has hands, but no arms.

Strong Bad

Strong Bad's skeleton
* His moustache has bones in it.
  • Strong Bad's skeleton also shows that his shoes have bones, or else that his feet are shoe-shaped.
  • His hands look like his "gentleman's sports gloves", which proves that he doesn't just wear them; those are really what his hands look like. The same would then apply to modern-day Strong Bad's boxing gloves, and maybe even his mask, which is consistent with his response in the email "some kinda robot."
  • Similarly, his foot bones are the same shape as his shoes.
  • He has no visible mouth; it may be behind his moustache, which moves when he talks.
  • There is a crack in his skull showing exposed brain; this is similar to his modern counterpart's head injury in "Marshmallow's Last Stand".

Strong Man

File:Strong man skeleton.png
The Strong Man's skeleton
* His shoulders are part of his skull.
  • His lower jaw is much narrower than the rest of his skull, and his jaw is noticeably off center.
  • His pelvis is as wide as his skull.

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