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"Let's make soup!"

Old-Timey Marzipan is the Old-Timey version of Marzipan. She differs slightly in appearance and personality from the current Marzipan.

Visually, the Old-Timey Marzipan is almost identical to the current version, with only a few changes: she has pigtails instead of a ponytail, her face is shorter, wider, and shaped less like a baseball bat, and her smile is bigger, less curved, and more angular. She also has a visible chin, which only a few characters have. Finally, her skirt has a less realistic design.

Unlike modern day Marzipan's on-again, off-again relationship with Homestar, Old-Timey Marzipan is an inseparable companion of The Homestar Runner and his friend Fat Dudley. Moreover, she is significantly less concerned with social causes and more concerned with eating. It is unknown if she and The Homestar Runner are dating as they are in the modern world.

Fun Facts

Old-Timey Marzipan's skeletal structure, complete with hair bones
  • Although graveyards don't scare her, she has an unusual fear of punkins.
  • Similar to how Sir Strong Bad's mustache has bones, her ponytails and skirt have a skeletal system.
  • Apparently, she's not a vegetarian as the modern Marzipan is, as she gazes wistfully at the remains of some poultry at the beginning of That a Ghost.
  • In Decemberween Short Shorts, she murders Rumble Red through a gift that he graciously accepted. Her dislike of Rumble Red and his Communist ways is a sharp departure from modern Marzipan's belief of tolerance to a fault.


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