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Below is a chart showing the visuals that occur during an Easter Egg in the Strong Bad Email marzipan.

Lyrics Visuals
C'mon, Carol, Let's Rock! Yeah, yeah. Yeah yeah. An early Powered by The Cheat Marzipan in The Field, playing a guitar labeled, "Carl." As she says "rock," or "yeah," it appears in cursive.
Oh yeah! A road with clouds spelling out "Oh Yeah!" floating above it.
Oh yeah! A cup of coffee with a torn sugar packet next to it and "Oh Yeah" written inside the drink.
Oh yeah! A beefy arm with an "Oh Yeah" tattoo.
Oh yeah! A name tag reading "Hello, my name is Oh Yeah!"
Oh yeah! A smile with a gold tooth and "Oh Yeah" written in place of some teeth.
Oh yeah yeah! A map of Florida with "Oh Yeah Yeah" written on it. The background rapidly changes colors.
Oh yeah yeah! A gold Oh Yeah necklace on a color-changing shirt.
Oh... A hairy chest with "Oh Yeah" written on it.
...yeah yeah! An alarm clock reading "OH:YEAH".
And I really don't like him at all! Thank you. {Birds chirp} Those are the birds. Marzipan performing in The Field.
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