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(Not The 200th Email)
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"Back of the Line!"

The Deleteheads are waiting for the 200th email, at the page error screen.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Sad, The Deleteheads

Places: Error Page

Date: September 18, 2008

Running Time: 0:30

Page Title: Page Load Error



{A page that looks like an error page is showing. Strong Sad appears from the bottom.}

Strong Sad: Oh no you don't! The Deleteheads started camping out for the sbemail 200 weeks ago!

{Screen scrolls over to The Deleteheads, who have a tent and cooler.}"

Strong Sad: Back of the line! {Screen scrolls even further to reveal nobody else.}

Strong Sad: Well, there's no one else here yet, so you can get behind us. We're gonna play "Name That Inconsistency" later on, if you want to join us, but don't even think about eating any Sun Chips! I packed them special!

{Screen scrolls back to "Address Not Found" Screen}

Easter Eggs

  • Clicking the "Try Again" button when the screen goes back to the "Address Not Found" screen restarts the whole thing.

Fun Facts


  • A Sun Chip is a kind of multigrain chip by Fritolay.
  • The "Address Not Found" Screen comes from Firefox, with plays on the "possible reasons".


  • Like the "Not 100th Email", the only way to get to this is by typing in the HTML file.

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