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"I feel so fine, I feel so elated!"

The description Not X (where "X" can be anything) is sometimes used in odd ways or contexts. It is often used in the context of "something other than".


  • Pumpkin Carve-nivalBubs gets awarded a "NOT LAST" ribbon for his pumpkin.
  • Email personal favorites — The Grape-Nuts Robot has a "Not New!" sticker.
  • Ballad of the Sneak — The Sneak does the Hully Gully on a barrel that was specified to be "Not the Panama Canal".
  • Email kids' book — Strong Bad finishes the book with "no two people are not on fire."
  • Email colonization — A section of newspaper reads "Homestar declares eggs not a fruit".
  • Thy Dungeonman — One of the exits is "Not Dennis".
  • Email other days — Strong Bad's calendar shows he has "NOT swim practice!" scheduled for Saturday.
  • Email old comics — Strong Bad claims that one of the authors for The Castlefunnies were there "to think of something not funny."
  • Email the facts — One of Strong Mad's boxes is marked "NOT CAR PARTS".
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 12.2Marzipan leaves herself a prank call, claiming to be "Not Marzipan".
  • Email bottom 10 — Strong Bad describes dry T-shirt contests as a "waste of not water". He later says that the number 5 item on his bottom 10 is "not pigeons".
  • Email geddup noise — After the "The Git Outcha-Seat Sound" clip, Strong Bad claims it to be "not nu- anything".
  • Email highschool — Strong Bad concludes with the score report "Strong Bad Emails: 1, Not Strong Bad Emails: 0." Baby Coach Z is playing with a cardboard box that reads "Not A Ball".
  • Kid Speedy — Completing the game awards the player with a message saying, "YOU GOT NOT DEAD LAST!"
  • Email theme song — It bugs Strong Bad that the emailer's face "doesn't have a not tons of acne".
  • Email trading cards — Strong Bad thinks trading cards are "the biggest waste of not a video game on the planet".
  • Fan costumes '06 — Strong Bad comments on a Homestar costume saying "Yes, a little chicken wire and papier mâché goes not a very long, long way."
  • Email looking old — Strong Bad asks "What am I not paying you people for?"
  • Jibblies 2Homestar Runner tells Marzipan he's "busy not answering the phone", and eventually becomes done "not answering the phone".
  • Toikey TV — Strong Bad wants to watch "not football". The King of Town decries the dangers of "not fried turkeys".
  • Email business trip — The Cheat gets promoted to "Junior Executive Of Not Having To Go On Pointless Business Trips".
  • Email diorama — Strong Bad reads the email sender's location, "Charlotte, N.C.", as "Charlotte, Not Charlotte".
  • Email nightlifeStrong Sad talks about busting out some fresh not dancing, to which Marzipan responds that she plans to bust out some fresh not hanging out with Strong Sad. Also, in this email, Club Technochocolate id described as "not a place for technological chocolate bars."
  • Email environment — Strong Bad explains his most significant contribution to the environment by saying, "Every day I wake up and the first thing I do is NOT drop a piano on Marzipan's head." He also admits that he's rescued greenhouse gases by "not mortally wounding ol' Marzipole."
  • Email buried — Strong Bad's business card refers to him as "Your Friendly Neighborhood Not-The-Police".
  • SBCG4AP Dev Blog post on April 24, 2008 — Strong Bad's "Currently Playing" field of the post was "Not MS Paint."
  • Email love poems — Homestar's acrostic poem has the A in Marzipan stand for "not-organic apples".
  • Email magic trick — Strong Bad described "flowy-sleeved" magicians as having "really not a lot of magic."
  • Homestar Ruiner — When Strong Bad finds a Teen Girl Squad card near the Race Track with the Taranchula Black Metal Detector, he remarks, "Another Teen Girl Squad idea card, another totally not metal object." Strong Bad boasts that the winner of the Free Country, USA Tri-Annual Race to the End of the Race was actually himself in a "not-from-Marzipan's-float" Homestar disguise.
  • Strong Badia the Free — The newsreel reporter notes Strong Sad's display of "not courage" when Strong Bad conquers the Bleak House.
  • Email email thunder — Strong Bad says he's "almost not totally disgusted" by The Poopsmith singing. Later, Strong Bad asks Homestar to show off "not-in-front-of-your-computer". During a review, Strong Sad tells the viewers to "be sure and not check out [his] blog."
  • 8-Bit is Enough — Strong Bad asks Gel-arshie why he's just standing around not not loafing.
  • Hremail 62 — Homestar says that his brellow crayon can draw not quite hornets.
  • Where U Goin' 2 — Marzipan's choir is labeled "not dumb" on a chalkboard.
  • Thy Dungeonman 3 — there is a blank area described as not having people, buildings, etc.
  • Email dictionary — The definition for "sawesome" is "not unlike having the qualities of an awesome sauce."

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Non X

  • Email flashback — Strong Bad says that if Homestar lived in the house of the Brothers Strong he'd have less non-broken bones.
  • Email pop-up — Strong Bad claims that pop-up books supply The Cheats and four-year-olds with seconds of non-ripped-apart fun.
  • Email web comics — Strong Bad advises the creators of video game comics, "when your pixel comic's not funny, MS Paint your way to a non-punchline!"
  • 8-Bit is Enough — One of the rankings in the game is called "Non-Lame Movie Tie-In".

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