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It's just a four minute drive away

Nighttime Driving Type Game is a game accessible only by clicking the "O" in Strong Bad's Message Bored.

In this game, you must drive through oncoming traffic... at night! Move your car with the mouse.


Easter Eggs

"Get out of my basement!"
  • If you beat Strong Bad's high score of 50,000 points, you'll get a short cutscene where Strong Bad shows you that he's now gotten a new high score, exactly one point higher than yours. You can also access this by right-clicking and pressing "Play" when you lose on the Flash File.
STRONG BAD: Oh, you beat my high score, huh? Well, check this out, I just finished this game.
{Cut to the game on his television screen. His score is one point higher than yours.}
STRONG BAD: Oh, tough luck, man. I guess it's back to the drawing board for you!
{Cut back to Strong Bad.}
STRONG BAD: Or, back to the Night Driving board... or, w— {yells} Get out of my basement!

Fun Facts


  • The scoring is as follows:
    • Green car — 100
    • Red car — 500
    • Police car — 500
    • Drunk driver (truck) — 1000
  • The movement of the cars are as follows:
    • Green car — Takes up one lane and can go in either the left or the right lane.
    • Red car — Always takes up the middle lane, moves very fast.
    • Police car — Always takes up the middle and the right lane.
    • Drunk driver (truck) — Takes up one lane, swerves from the left lane to the right lane most of the time, but on occasion, goes from the right lane to the left.


  • It is impossible to get a score one point higher than another score, like Strong Bad says he did, considering that all point values are multiples of 100.
  • In Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Strong Bad's room is not in his basement.
    • Assuming that the website is correct and not the game, this is the first time his room is verified to be connected to the basement. This fact is revisited in nightlife.


  • If you look closely at the TV in the Easter egg when the camera is focusing on Strong Bad, the points counter is in the correct position, but, when it focuses on the TV the points counter is in the wrong position as opposed to the actual game. Also, there is no life counter as opposed to the game which, of course, has it.


Two digits are cut off here.
  • You still earn points for any vehicle that passes your wrecked vehicle.
  • You can crash 2–3 times in rapid succession yet only lose one life (in other words, crashing, then immediately crashing again).
  • The game sometimes loads data where the green cars always drive on the right side of the road (from your perspective), and the trucks swerve left, then right, meaning if you stay in the left lane, you'll never die. This is more likely to happen in the Flash file.
  • Right-click and deselect play for unlimited lives. When you run out of lives, your lives will show as "-" (a minus sign) and you can keep playing. Select "play" again to get the "game over" screen.
    • Sometimes while exploiting this glitch, some vehicles will never appear.
  • If you untick play at the game over screen, it goes to the Easter egg, no matter what score you obtained.
  • If you get over 100,000 points, the score will appear to reset to 10,000. This is due to the game only displaying the first five digits in the score; the counter still has the actual score stored.
    • When you access the high-score Easter egg, if your score is over 100,000, Strong Bad's score will appear to be the same as yours due to this glitch, unless you highlight the score, revealing the digits after the first 5.
  • If you crash into another car, and a drunk driver is there, the drunk driver will crash even though you didn't hit it.

Inside References

  • The source of the Easter egg is the Strong Bad Main Page, where he brags that he's got the high score of 50,000 points, and challenges you to beat it.
  • The "Drunk Drivers" are examples of alcohol.

Real-World References

  • The game itself is based on the Atari 2600 game "Night Driver", which in turn was based on the 1976 arcade game of the same name.
  • Strong Bad beating the player's high score by one point when the player scores more than 50,000 points may be a reference to the Running Man in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Running Man will challenge Link to a race from the Gerudo Valley to the Kokiri Forest and when Link finishes, the Running Man always beats him by one second.

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