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A Netscape Thnikkaman?

There are numerous references to the once popular web browser Netscape by characters in the Homestar Runner body of work.


  • Thorax Corporation — On their eMission Statement page, one of their instructions on how to go there include "Type in the Internet (1 for IE5, 2 for Nedscape)."
  • Homestar Runner's Website — The text at the bottom of claims the page is best viewed using "Nedscape 1.0 or lower".
  • Email virus — The broken JPEG symbol on Bubs' mouth is the same one used in Netscape, as well as in the web browsers Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox, which were based on Netscape.
  • Back Door Store Thank You Message — The page imitates Netscape and Mozilla's "missing plugin" placeholder.
  • Quote of the Week — An extended version of the theme song intro has the line "When email comes to town, I know, I know, it's like a netscape hurricane".
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