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The Homestar Runner universe contains a few neologisms, or invented words. Additionally, Senor Cardgage is known to use words that are described by Strong Bad as "sort of one word and not quite another", such as "Elizagerth" and "exobably not". Homsar also seems to talk in unusual sentences.


  • Suudsu (from email bedtime story), a beverage consisting of skim milk and gummi bears which Strong Bad deems "pure genius." Its name is written like a Romanji spelling of an English-to-Japanese loanword (this one being suds), common for modern products.
  • SBLOUNSKCHED! (from email candy product), a candy bar consisting of such products as marshmallow vapor, rich creamy pepperoni, and tiny bowls of crispy-puffed-rice cereal. Its name is described as 50% Strong Bad, 50% tooth rot, and 50% ta-dah!, making it 150%. This is possibly a parody of extreme marketing, which makes nauseatingly gratuitous use of exclamation points and dangerous-sounding names.
  • Soolnds, what Strong Sad calls his feet.
  • Stnanks (from email do over), the equivalent of Strong Bad's mistakes. (It is also a fictional animal from animal.)

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