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Alien from Main Page 1
Nebulon, powered by The Cheat
Nebulon, Email - Best Thing

Nebulon is an alien. He first appeared on Main Page 1, but he was not named until The Cheat's cartoon, New Boots. According to the Strong Bad in the cartoon, no one likes Nebulon's style. He also had a cameo appearance in the sole episode of Limozeen's Saturday morning space cartoon. According to the Stinkomanual, he is the boss of Level 5 of Stinkoman 20X6:


Fun Facts

  • In the Star Wars universe, there is an escort frigate class called Nebulon-B.
  • His graffiti tag name is "NEB-1."
  • According to page two of an Inkhole interview, Matt Chapman thinks the Nebulon in New Boots is absolutely hilarious. "It cracked me up to no end," he is quoted as saying. "I could watch Nebulon crying and moping away forever."

Complete Filmography

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