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  • In the booklet for the Christian group ApologetiX's 2003 CD "Adam Up," their guitarist is wearing a Strong Bad shirt. Also, at a show in Cincinnati, Ohio, the guitarist, Karl, wore his Strong Bad shirt (the mask shirt). In the booklet, he is wearing the full body shirt.
  • At their stop in Big Rapids, Michigan October 2, 2004, the keyboardist, Bill Hubauer, somehow got the Homestar quotes from the main webpage into his piano playing loud "Toons!," "Games!," "Characters!," and "Downloads!" while the lead singer, J. Jackson, was trying to say stuff. So far, no reported repeats of this activity.
  • On August 22, ApologetiX stopped at Elizabethtown, PA. In the middle of the concert, between songs, Karl started singing "Trogdor". He also commented on someone's The Cheat hoodie.
  • Early 2006 ApologetiX released a Live DVD with snippets between some songs. Karl is seen several times with a Trogdor t-shirt.
  • On in the FAQ section, it says Bill Hubauer's (keyboardist) favorite bands are "including, but not limited to...Limozine, etc.
  • In 2007, ApologetiX bought and renovated a bus. On the web site with pictures of their progress, one of the albums is titled "Demolition II: (This Time It's Not "Demolition I")", a reference to Dangeresque.
  • In 2007, ApologetiX played Emanuel Community Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana and while people were finding seats, the song "Trogdor" was played.

The Aquabats

  • The song "Pink Pants" features Strong Bad as a guest vocalist. Homestar also appears at the end of the song.

Ashley Wool

  • Pop singer/songwriter Ashley Wool links to in the "Friends" section of her Web site. Since finding herself listed in the "Musical Sightings" section, she joined the wiki as TehAshleyWool.
  • The photos on her MySpace ( include a photograph of a Trogdor drawing on the bathroom wall of the studio at which she recorded her first album.
  • Other references in her photos include a picture of Modestly Hot Homsar, accompanied by the caption, "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was modestly hot like me?" (in reference to the Pussycat Dolls' single "Don't Cha)," as well as a screen capture of her coloring one of the pages from the Limozeen Coloring Book (from coloring), with lyrics from her song "Disposable (The Crayon Song)."
    • On one of her blog postings, the title is "What time is it? IT'S VALENTIMES!", which is from Teen Girl Squad Issue 12. Readers of her blog will find many more subtle references to the site, and links to several of the toons, especially on Halloween. She also blogged excitedly about her feature on the Wiki.
    • Her MySpace headlines have featured numerous H*R quote such as, "and that's when i tampered with the dna evidence," "Crystal clear like domestic beer!" from rough copy, and "With a rusty fork and a guitar string," from pet show.
  • She recently posted an acoustic cover of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable," and during the song's interlude, she imitates Homestar's voice as she quotes his line from Date Nite: "Ah, good evening, ungodly couple..."
    • The song's picture features Homestar as the waiter from this toon.
  • Ashley interviewed the band Y-O-U, co-producers of Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits for, and mentions that she is a "huge fan" of the album. Her penultimate question for the band is, "If you had three wishes, what would the second one be?" in reference to 3 wishes.


  • In their song "It's All Write", at the 25 second mark, there is a sample of the music played from The Cheat's boombox in Flashback.

The Beach Boys

  • Homestar makes a random appearance on the interactive Beach Boys CD-ROM "Project SMILE." Click to enter the "Smile 2004" section, then the "Fan Experiences" subsection. Somewhere in the mess of random images on the main page of this section is a tiny animated GIF of Homestar dancing.

Beastie Boys

  • On December 16, 2004 at the Zenith in Munich, Germany, the Beastie Boys used two JumboTron screens on the left and right side of the stage to present to the crowd the first one and a half minutes of Everybody to the Limit. The crowd cheered and clapped their hands rhythmically with the music.
  • Everybody to the Limit and other Homestar Runner footage might have been part of other Beastie Boys shows during the 2004 Pageant Tour, but no other sightings have been reported.

Bigg Nife

Butch Walker

  • On the links page on, there is a link to which reads "Homestar Runner ..our buddies.. yes.. i said it.. OUR buddies.."

Calibretto 13

Calibretto 13 has a Myspace profile. Evidently they like Homestar Runner. They have a link to the website, with the text "You gotta love that homestar, he is a terrific athlete."


There is a British dubstep DJ called Chrispy, which was named after the sender in labour day.

City (Comma) State

City (Comma) State is an actual band established in 2010 in collaboration with Blink 182 frontman Mark Hoppus. The band was named after the indie film that Strong Bad imagined in the email independent.

ISU Cyclone Marching Band

The Iowa State University marching band sometimes plays Trogdor's song from the dragon email as a stand tune.

Family Force 5

  • On their myspace, in the Durrty Durrty Blog #14, titled "Are You Ready For Some Football", Chapstique intentionally spells "job", "jorb".

Five Iron Frenzy

  • Reese Roper, lead singer of the Christian ska band Five Iron Frenzy, is pictured in a CD release's booklet wearing a The Cheat shirt as shown here. In the liner notes, drummer Andy Verdecchio thanks Strong Bad.
  • During their performance at the 2003 Cornerstone Music Festival, Reese asked the crowd if they were "ready to achieve burnination".

Flatfoot 56

Josh of the Christian Celtic punk group Flatfoot 56 cites Homestar Runner as one of his favorite websites. [1]

The Foresters


Indie band Goldspot used the beat from the Old Intro 2 on their song "Cusp" from their album "Tally of the Yes Men". This song is available for download on iTunes.

Gym Class Heroes

The indie rap group's song "New Friend Request" (video currently available on the website) includes the lyrics "On a scale of 1 to awesome".

Home Star Runner

An Irish indie band from Dublin named after the website of the same name. In a radio interview on Dublins' FM104, they stated they were fans of the cartoon.

Hoosier Hijack

Hoosier Hijack is an indie band who has a song named An Important Rap Song (Crack Stuntman), which is a cover of An Important Rap Song.

Jack's Mannequin

During a performance of their song The Mixed Tape for Yahoo Music, one of the band members can be seen wearing a Limozeen t-shirt. See it here.


On June 6, 2003, during his solo tour, Jay Clifford was asked to play a song and replied "It's been probably five years since I've played this song so forgive me. It's gonna sound like crap. Crap! It's gonna sound like crap! Anybody watch Homestar Runner? It's the cool- I mean, the best thing ever, that's ever happened to this planet! That's Homestar Runner. So Holy Crap!" Download this clip! - You will need to be able to convert it or play a shnf file.


During one bonus "track" on their remixed album (Remixed), Chris sings something extremely similar to The System is Down (one of the various sound effects).

Karl Olson/Ultraklystron

Karl Olson, also known as Ultraklystron, recorded two songs related to H*R: a cover of The Skate Party song Strong Sad Rocks Out and an original song, He's Homsar, which are no longer available at these sites.


On his 2005 album, Behind the Musik (A Boy Named Jonah), Christian rapper KJ-52 lists Homestar Runner in his song "Things I Like."

Upon being asked what his favorite Strong Bad Email was, KJ-52 replied, "Oh, man! Come on, now, that's not even a question right there. Um, my favorite Strong Bad Email, I'm-a probably say, I like the one where they got the virus, that one was hilarious. I like the one where Bubs went out and blew, um, shot a hole through the computer, but I have tons of them. Couldn't even name them all on top of my head. Um, so, that's to say, I have quite a bit. I would say that one's definitely one of the first ones that popped into my head." Click here to hear the podcast.

Earlier, a fan asked if he would write a song about Homestar Runner. KJ-52 said, "Oh, yeah! I just went to Homestar Runner this morning. I was watching, um, I read the cheatday, that was a Strong Bad Email, so you might wanna go check it out. Do I think I'll write a song about Homestar Runner? Uh, you know what, don't put it past me, I'm not saying I would. But don't put it past me, I would say that this is from the guy who wrote a song about mullets, Napoleon Dynamite and Mountain Dew. And, I love Homestar. I think it's my favorite web site ever." Click here to hear the podcast.

On his video podcast, he says that writing a song based on a Strong Bad Email is a good idea. He also wonders whether the emails sent to Strong Bad are real. [2]

On part 1 of his Remixed podcast, he mentioned downloading Podstar Runner. [3]

Kid, You'll Move Mountains

Legitimate Business

Lemon Demon

  • The band Lemon Demon referenced Trogdor in the song Fire Motif from "Clown Circus" with the lyrics "The time has come for burnination."
  • In the song "Geeks In Love" on the album Damn Skippy, one lyric says "ponkity-ponkity", and in the commentary Neil Cicierega says that it is a reference to the Strong Bad email funny.
  • In the Music Video for "Geeks In Love", during the Logo declaring the songs name, you can see the word "TROGDOR" in the background.


  • Videogame music remixer MazeDude (Christopher Lee Getman) created a remix of the boss theme from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, using clips from Homestar Runner cartoons. This mix was made for use in the Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Remix Project titled Misstik Kwest on OverLooked ReMiX. [4]

MC Lars

Mindless Self Indulgence

  • The band Mindless Self Indulgence played The System is Down and Everybody to the Limit while setting up equipment before a show at the Metro in Chicago, Illinois. After the show, a band member was heard to comment on a fan's Strong Bad T-shirt and mentioned reading about H*R in Spin Magazine.
  • During their Desparta Los Ninos tour a compilation CD was played in between opening acts and before the openers played. The CD had The System Is Down, Everybody to the Limit and Ballad of the Sneak. The lead singer Jimmy Urine is quite fond of Homestar Runner cartoons, especially Strong Bad.

My Chemical Romance

  • Lead singer Gerard Way, in an interview with Hot Topic, said that was one of his favorite websites. (This interview is no longer on

Ninja Sex Party

  • Lead singer Dan Avidan (aka Danny Sexbang) has stated that he is a Homestar fan.

Of Montreal

The music video for of Montreal's song "Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse" was co-directed by The Brothers Chaps.

Ryan Sterritt and David Barnes helped make the music video for of Montreal's song "So Begins Our Alabee".

Over the Rhine

They have a song called The Poopsmith Song on the album For the Kids III.

Owl City

On his YouTube vlog, Adam Young mentioned how he was a fan of the cartoon in high school and mentioned A Jorb Well Done.


On their "links" page, under the "things we love" list, there is a link to

Patent Pending

Patent Pending has a song on their album Don't Quit Your Day Job called Decemberween.

The Planet Smashers

The hidden 13th track of The Planet Smashers album Mighty proclaims "Trogdor!"


Poison released an album titled Poison'd! in June 2007.

Project 86

Strong Bad is thanked in their "Special Thanks" section of their self-titled debut album.

Relient K

  • The band Relient K had a Homestar Runner-like shirt logo (currently unavailable) and have linked to Homestar Runner from their web site, although since the reformatting of their website the link has been taken off.
  • Occasionally, Relient K will play Teen Girl Squad in concert.

The Reunion Show

  • The punk rock band The Reunion Show named one of their songs for their 2002 debut album "Kill Your Television" "On a Scale from One to Awesome (You're Pretty Great)".


Salsa Commodity

Salsa Commodity released the song A Tribute to Homestar Runner "Live" on their debut album, Official Homemade Ice Cream. Before all this, guitarist and singer Michael Sanders made a song about Teen Girl Squad, which can be found in the old music section of the site. There is also a sort of Trogdor cover there, using the singing from the email.

Schäffer the Darklord

In his song "Nerd Lust" he mentions that he wants to see his partner's 'silhouette in [their] Strong Bad shirt.'

Screaming Mechanical Brain

Screaming Mechanical Brain covered the song Trogdor on their album "SMB's Museum of Barnyard Oddities"


Shellac's song "Genuine Lullabelle" (from the album Excellent Italian Greyhound) briefly features Strong Bad among other voices during a spoken-word segment.


SivakDrac has done NES covers of the Negatory (article) and Oh, The Moon (article) themes.

The Skate Party

Wrote the music for The Cheat Theme Song, and sent it to The Brothers Chaps as a fan contribution, who liked it enough to make a video for it and put it on the site. The Skate Party also have another song called "Strongsad Rocks Out".

Sol Martin

At singer Sol Martin's web site, there used to be a link to Homestar Runner on the main page. His musical idol, Ronnie Martin, founder of Joy Electric, probably dislikes Homestar Runner.

Something Corporate

On the Live in Ventura Theater DVD, one of the band members is shown wearing a Strong Bad shirt in the beginning.

Strike Four

The band Strike Four, which has some of the members from the now defunct band, Salsa Commodity, referenced the Strong Bad email mile in their song "Here I Go."

Strong Bad Live!

On June 7, 2003, at a concert featuring Radiohead and the Beastie Boys, Strong Bad Emails were shown on the JumboTron between acts. They also showed Everybody to the Limit and it had a special new introduction wherein Strong Bad complained that he wasn't allowed on stage even though he had been the #1 hit for two summers in a row.


On Episode 17 of the Switchfoot podcasts, it begins with a member playing Guitar Hero. You can hear Trogdor playing in the background.

Suburban Legends

Orange County ska band Suburban Legends thank "" in the inside cover of their 2003 album Rump Shaker.


The insert for Tacocat's 2009 split with Ghost Mice is a spoof of the traditional Teen Girl Squad opening sequence.


The band Thursday thanked The Chapman Brothers in the booklet to their 2003 album, War all the Time.

Time For Living

The San Francisco hardcore punk band Time For Living has a Homestar themed album with the title track "The Cheat is not Dead". They have songs called "Discount Brick", "Just A Friendly Reminder", "Population: Tire", and "The King Of Town." Beyond the titles, the songs don't have any relationship to Homestar Runner.


Tripleside ( wrote an homage to Homsar called "Legitimate Business", which contains many classic Homsar quotes. You can download the song here or read the lyrics here.

Very Low Sodium Band

Waking State

In the liner notes of their 2005 release, Hang On, the DC Band Waking State gives special thanks to

"Weird Al" Yankovic

The animator of the video, David Lovelace, is a big fan of Homestar Runner.
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