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Karl Olson/Ultraklystron

Karl Olson, also known as Ultraklystron, recorded two songs related to H*R: a cover of The Skate Party song Strong Sad Rocks Out and an original song, He's Homsar, which are no longer available at these sites.

Strike Four

The band Strike Four, formerly known as Salsa Commodity, referenced the Strong Bad Email "Mile" in their song "Here I Go."

Strong Bad Live!

On June 7th, 2003, at a concert featuring Radiohead and the Beastie Boys, Strong Bad Emails were shown on the JumboTron between acts. They also showed Everybody to the Limit and it had a special new introduction wherein Strong Bad complained that he wasn't allowed on stage even though he had been the #1 hit for two summers in a row.

Beastie Boys 2004 Pageant Tour

On December 16th 2004 at the Zenith in Munich, Germany, the Beastie Boys used two JumboTron screens on the left and right side of the stage to present to the crowd the first one and a half minutes of Everybody to the Limit. Even though most of the listeners might have never heard of Homestar Runner or Strong Bad the crowd was cheering and clapping their hands rhythmically with the music. Everybody to the Limit and other Homestar Runner footage might have been part of other Beastie Boys shows during the 2004 Pageant Tour, but no other sightings were reported up until now. The JumboTron screens were an essential part of the show and were also used during the concert to show live footage of the stage as well as other pop culture reference material like accelerated footage of some Atari 2600 video games gameplay such as Frogger's and scenes from Battlestar Galactica (during their song Intergalactic).

Relient K

The band Relient K has an H*R-like shirt logo and, assuming that they linked to Homestar Runner from their website, they must be Homestar fans. (The shirt logo link is currently broken.)


The band Thursday thanks in the booklet to their latest album, War all the Time.


Mindless Self Indulgence

The band Mindless Self Indulgence played The System is Down and Everybody to the Limit while setting up equipment before a show at the Metro in Chicago, Illinois. After the show, a band member was heard to comment on a fan's Strong Bad T-shirt and mentioned reading about H*R in Spin Magazine.

During their Desparta Los Ninos tour a completion CD was played in between opening acts and before the openers played. The CD had The System Is Down, Everybody to the Limit and Ballad of the Sneak. The lead singer Jimmy Urine is quite fond of Homestar Runner cartoons, especially Strong Bad.

Five Iron Frenzy

The Christian ska band Five Iron Frenzy has a picture in a CD release's booklet of their lead singer, Reese Roper, wearing a The Cheat shirt as shown here.

During their performance at the 2003 Cornerstone Music Festival, Reese asked the crowd if they were "ready to achieve burnination".

Also in thank yous in their CD's booklet, Andy thanks Strong Bad.

Very Low Sodium Band!

An online band, The Very Low Sodium Band ( has a song that praises Homestar Runner. Hear the song Here,. Guitarist and singer Michael Sanders then went on to start a band, Salsa Commodity. This band did a live version of the song, which is on their album, Official Homemade Ice Cream.


Tripleside ( wrote a song called "Legitimate Business" as an homage to Homsar, including many classic Homsar quotes. You can download the song from their downloads page or read the lyrics here.


In the booklet for the Christian group ApologetiX's 2003 CD "Adam Up," their guitarist is wearing a Strong Bad shirt. Also, at a show in Cincinnati, Ohio, the guitarist, Karl, wore his Strong Bad shirt (the mask shirt). In the booklet, he is wearing the full body shirt. He's got both!

At their stop in Big Rapids, Michigan October 2, 2004, the keyboardist, Bill Hubauer, somehow got the Homestar quotes from the main webpage into his piano playing loud "Toons!," "Games!," "Characters!," and "Downloads!" while the lead singer, J. Jackson, was trying to say stuff. So far, no reported repeats of this activity.

On August 22nd ApologetiX stopped at Elizabethtown, PA. In the middle of the concert, between songs, Karl started singing Trogdor. He also commented on someone's The Cheat hoodie.

Sons of Pitches

The Ithaca, NY band Sons of Pitches had a concert at the Cornell Business & Technology Park on July 24, 2004. Before their second set started, they were doing the thing at the end of the Theme Park where Homestar is on the Strongbadian Riverboat Super-fun ride. It sounded like Strong Bad including the line "Please keep your arms legs and valuables inside the vehicle at all times".

Time For Living

The San Francisco hardcore punk band Time For Living has a Homestar themed album with the title track "The Cheat is not Dead". They have songs called "Discount Brick", "Just A Friendly Reminder", "Population: Tire", and "The King Of Town." Beyond the titles, the songs don't have any relationship to Homestar Runner, which for legal reasons is good for the band.

Salsa Commodity

Salsa Commodity released the song A Tribute to Homestar Runner "Live" on their debut album, Official Homemade Ice Cream. Before all this, guitarist and singer Michael Sanders made a song about Teen Girl Squad, which can be found in the old music section of the site. There is also a sort of Trogdor cover there, using the singing from the email.


On his new album, "Behind the Muzik (A Boy Named Jonah)", Christian rapper KJ-52 lists Homestar Runner in his song "Things I Like."

The Planet Smashers

The hidden 13th track on The Planet Smasher's "Mighty" album proclaims "Trogdor!"


During one bonus "track" on their remixed album (Remixed), Chris sings something extremely similar to The System is Down. (one of the various sound effects)

Patent Pending

Patent Pending has a song on their album, "Don't Quit Your Day Job," called Decemberween.


Indie band Goldspot used the beat from the Old Intro 2 on their song "Cusp" from their album "Tally of the Yes Men". This song is available for download on iTunes.

Jump, Little Children

On June 6th, 2003, during his solo tour, Jay Clifford was asked to play a song and replied "It's been probably five years since I've played this song so forgive me. It's gonna sound like crap. Crap! It's gonna sound like crap! Anybody watch Homestar Runner? It's the cool- I mean, the best thing ever, that's ever happened to this planet! That's Homestar Runner. So Holy Crap!" Download this clip! - You will need to be able to convert it or play a shnf file.

Suburban Legends

Orange County ska band Suburban Legends thank "" in the inside cover of their 2003 album Rump Shaker.

Waking State

In the liner notes of their 2005 release, Hang On, the DC Band Waking State gives special thanks to

Jack's Mannequin

During a performance of their song The Mixed Tape for Yahoo Music, one of the band members can be seen wearing a Limozeen t-shirt. See it here.

Calibretto 13

Calibretto 13 has a my space, evidentally they like Homestar Runner. Because they have a link to the website, with the text "You gotta love Homestar Runner he is a terric athlete!"

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