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"Miffa miffa meeka moo!"

Mr. Poofers is the subject of a story, initially told by Homestar Runner, in the Halloween toon Mr. Poofers Must Die. He is a small cloud-like dog (Homestar, at one point, mistakenly refers to him as a "cloud with legs"). He is white, with a blue outline, mismatched yellow eyes, black stick legs, and an occasionally sticking-out tongue. He says "Miffa miffa meeka moo" and eats "pimecones" for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He is disliked by one Old Man Rootbeer for stealing his pimecones (and on one occasion, his beard).

Homestar finds that he cannot kill Mr. Poofers within his stories; he can talk about hypothetically killing Mr. Poofers, but all attempts at killing him within the story instead result in Homestar diverging into a bizarre non-sequitur. The other characters are unimpressed until they find that they, too, cannot end the story in such a way that Mr. Poofers dies, even insisting that the strange directions taken by the story were not what they intended to say at all. Most attempts at killing Mr. Poofers end with the character telling the story becoming sweaty and distraught.

In Coach Z's story, Mr. Poofers gives Old Man Rootbeer a roundish box containing half a hairbrush. In Marzipan's story, she states that Mr. Poofers has only complained once about bad pudding. Strong Sad's story solely consists of the word "pimecone". Strong Bad attempts to have Old Man Rootbeer shoot Mr. Poofers with a flamethrower, but audibly struggles to say it. After his attempt ends with a cheerful song about a trolley that causes everyone to sing along, Homestar decides that Mr. Poofers should be worshiped as the characters' new "dark overlord". Everyone concurs.

At the end, a Mr. Poofers book (titled "Mr. Poofers Must Die: Homestar's Top-Notch Ghost Story") is shown with four-and-a-half stars and 601 reviews on Bookazon. In an Easter egg, Mr. Poofers appears in Yonder Website. The narrator Strong Bad mistakes him for a "beast of the apocalypse", prompting Character 1 to offer him a sacrificial fruit. Mr. Poofers is the only character or object seen in Yonder Website that is not completely black and white (not including the blue background).

"Mr. Poofers" is also the name Strong Bad gives to a fan's dog in a Homestar costume in Fan Costumes '06.


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