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Mr. Poofers is the subject of a story, initially told by Homestar Runner, in the Halloween toon Mr. Poofers Must Die. He is a small cloud-like dog (Homestar, at one point, mistakenly refers to him as a "cloud with legs") who says "Miffa miffa meeka moo" and eats "pimecones". He is disliked by one Old Man Rootbeer for stealing "pimecones".

Homestar finds that he cannot kill Mr. Poofers within his stories; he can talk about hypothetically killing Mr. Poofers, but all attempts at killing him within the story instead result in Homestar diverging into a bizarre non-sequitur. The other characters are initially unimpressed, but find that they, too, cannot end the story in such a way that Mr. Poofers dies, even insisting that the strange directions taken by the story were not what they intended to say at all. After Strong Bad comes close to having Old Man Rootbeer shoot a flamethrower at Mr. Poofers, but instead goes into a tangent about a trolley that causes all the main characters to sing along, Homestar decides that Mr. Poofers should be worshiped as they main characters' new "dark lord"; everyone concurs.


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