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Monkey D is a strange fellow with a monkey head who shows up on postcards, generally in Easter eggs, and wears a white tanktop. First mentioned in the Strong Bad Email vacation, Monkey D was used as an example of the annoying crap-tastic emails Strong Bad gets. After that introduction, he appeared in an Easter egg in cheat talk. In the Email crazy cartoon, Strong Bad gets a message signed, "your friend, monkeydude." Strong Bad tells Monkeydude that he is definitely not his friend, and gives him a new name: Josh. He then appeared in an Easter egg in different town, again in a postcard, from "Place." After that he appeared for the first time not on a postcard, in a mid-toon Easter egg in theme park, on a season pass. Most recently, he has appeared on a playing card in an Easter egg in pom pom.


Fun Facts

  • Phrases on his tanktop include:
    • I ♥ Stong Band
    • I ♥ THE CHEESE

Complete Filmography

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