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Back when homestarrunner.com was hosted by Yahoo!, The Brothers Chaps were virtually restricted from any form of server-side scripting, such as PHP, which is the most popular technology of this kind. Instead, they were limited to MivaScript, another form of server-side scripting technology most notably used in e-commerce. MivaScript was rarely used on the site when The Brothers Chaps were hosted by Yahoo!, but now MivaScript, or any server-side scripting technology for that matter, has not been used for 17 years. The last notable use of MivaScript was on the Message Bored, which closed in 2003. These files can be identified by the extension ".mv".

Yahoo! has since disallowed MivaScript files from running on their hosting service. As of mid-2009, instead of showing a notification that the script cannot run, the source code of the MivaScript file is revealed.

"simplemail.mv" is a script that was used both on the Email Updates page and on Thorax Corporation's sign-up page. Since the source is now revealed, it is shown that simplemail.mv was a MivaScript created by Yahoo! for their members to use to generate a mailing list. This leads to further speculation that the Message Bored might have been powered by another service Yahoo! provided that ran on MivaScript, and that it wasn't made by hand by The Brothers Chaps.

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