Minor Character Variations

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These are alternate versions of the characters that are too minor to have their own pages.


Image Description Debut
A Homestar Runner puppet. His eyes are velcro, so they can be moved around if necessary. Everybody Knows It
A The Cheat Puppet. Really just a Kick The Cheat doll. Everybody Knows It
A slightly disproportional Strong Bad puppet. Strong Bad vs. Little Girl!
File:puppetdoreuxgarde.png A Doreauxgard puppet. Much like the cartoon version, he is merely a cantaloupe jammed onto a pencil with a silly face drawn on him. lackey
A Frank Bennedetto puppet. Really just a popcorn machine. Labor Dabor
A Marshie puppet, featured at a They Might Be Giants concert. TMBG Concert - 25 Sep 2004

Powered by The Cheat

Image Description Appearences
A poorly drawn Strong Bad. Everybody to the Limit
An even worse looking Strong Bad. crazy cartoon, mile, animal
Another poorly drawn Strong Bad, with purple boxing gloves and the head of his figurine. New Boots
Yet another poorly drawn Strong Bad. The Cheat Theme Song, Main Page 15
The Cheat's self-portrait. The Cheat Theme Song, Everybody to the Limit, crazy cartoon, mile
Another poorly-drawn version of The Cheat, complete with cool boots. New Boots, Hip Hop Dance
A poorly-drawn version of Coach Z. The Cheat seems to like purple. crazy cartoon, mile, New Boots, Hip Hop Dance
A slightly better looking version of Coach Z. Hip Hop Dance
A poorly-drawn version of Homestar Runner. The Cheat Theme Song, animal, mile, New Boots
Another, slightly better version of Homestar Runner. Main Page 15
A poorly drawn version of Marzipan. mile
Another poorly drawn Marzipan. marzipan
Yet another poorly drawn Marzipan, this one isn't as horrifying as the others. Seasonal Sweaters
A poorly drawn Strong Sad. Main Page 15
A much cartoonier Strong Sad design. Experimental Film
A poorly drawn Bubs. mile
A poorly drawn Poopsmith. mile


Image Description Debut
This is a virus'd Homestar Runner. He has the body of The Homestar Runner and the head of the original. virus, Main Page 22
A vector version of Homestar Runner. He is less polygonal and has a more telligable voice than Vector Strong Bad. Main Page 21
This is a mysterious Homestar Runner lookalike. He looks exactly like Homestar, but has a moustache. We know it's not the real Homestar because he appeared onscreen with him simultaniously. Senorial Day
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