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Mike doing what he does best

Michael Chapman (born 1973), the older of The Brothers Chaps, is the co-creator of Homestarrunner.com. He is also husband to Missy Palmer (February 28, 2004), the voice of Marzipan, and the possible father of the Very, Very Little Girl.

He provides intentionally poor imitations of Matt Chapman's character voices in the Powered by The Cheat cartoons. He is also the voice of Mr. Bland, Shark-Tooth Bubs, and Teeg Dougland (and looks remarkably similar to Teeg) in Limozeen: "but they're in space!" He also voiced Strong Sad's one line ("Douglas!") in the e-mail cheat talk, as Matt was too worn-out to voice the character. He also voices Pom Pom, or rather, his milk does.

General Information

Mike b/w beard

Mike attended Dunwoody High School for high school and the University of Georgia for college, studying photography and painting as part of his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (which is still in the package it was mailed to him in). He then later dropped out of the graduate studies program.

More recently he was a panel member for the "Beyond Saturday Morning" discussion group at the 2004 Atlanta Film Festival.

His Top 5 favorite albums (in no particular order) are:

His favorite Strong Bad Email is best thing. His favorite character is The Homestar Runner

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