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"Capital 'M', and then 'arshie!'"

A Fluffy Puff Marshmallows commercial.

Cast (in order of appearance): Marshie, The Sad Kids, Homestar Runner

Places: Homestar Runner's House

Date: Monday, August 26, 2002

Running Time: 0:50

Page Title: New from Galoob!

DVD: Everything Else, Volume 1



{A swirling background is on screen. Marshie does his "rocket move" and faces the audience.}

MARSHIE: 'Sup, fools? I'm Marshie. Capital "M" and then "arshie"! I'm going this way!

{As he says this, the "M" and "arshie" appear under him. When he goes "this way" the text says "went that way!!!!!!!!!" The screen cuts to a chalkboard.}

MARSHIE: Why eat some other stuff,—

{Different types of food appear on the chalkboard: a ham, a pineapple, a cupcake, a piece of cherry pie, a hot dog, and a martini.}

MARSHIE: —when you can eat—

{Fluffy Puff Marshmallows replace the food items.}


{Screen cuts to plate of marshmallows.}

MARSHIE: Breakfast,—

{The marshmallows get covered in syrup topped with a pat of butter. A glass of juice appears next to the plate}

MARSHIE: —lunch,—

{the syrup vanishes and a salt shaker (labeled "7") and pepper shaker (labeled "3") are next to the marshmallows, which now have 3 tomato slices on them}

MARSHIE: —munch,—

{Batteries appear around the plate, while the marshmallows have nails stuck in them}

MARSHIE: —and pinner!

{Marshmallows now have a hat and eyepatch on them, and a cigar is next to them. Screen cuts to a pocket.}

MARSHIE: Stuff some in your pockets for—

{The chalk marshmallows go into the pocket. Marshie's voice turns creepy as the following words appear on the screen}

MARSHIE:secret eating!!!

{Cut to pillow.}

MARSHIE: Hide some underneath your pillow for sleepy times!

{The marshmallows appear underneath the pillow.}

MARSHIE: Dont'cha like me?

{Scene cuts to The Sad Kids.}

MARSHIE: Kids ask for it by name!



MARSHIE: 'Sright kids! Go eat'ya some Fluffy Puff Marshmallows! Now try new Fluffy Puff All-Marshmallow Mayonnaise. {Marshie's voice changes to an incredibly weird voice.} Made from the best stuff.

{Screen cuts to Homestar Runner watching the commercial on TV.}

MARSHIE: I'm fluffity. I'm puffity. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

BACKGROUND SINGERS: {simultaneously} They're fluffity. They're puffity. One, two, three, four, five.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I hate that freakin' marshmallow.

Easter Eggs

  • If you press "r" on the keyboard when the toon is over, Homestar Runner will say something.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: I hate that freakin' robot.
  • If you then press "f" after Homestar says the robot thing, you will get a disclaimer ad.
{We see the yellow screen from earlier, with the Fluffy Puff Marshmallows logo, a bag of marshmallows, and a jar of mayo.}
VOICEOVER: Fluffy Puff Marshmallows and Marshmallow Mayonnaise. Each sold separately. Comes with everything you see here. Batteries not included. Kids, don't eat nails. {pause} Is that it? Am I done? Can I go? Anybod—Anybody want to get something to eat?
  • Note: These Easter Eggs will only work in lowercase. They will not work if the Caps Lock is on or if the Shift is pressed down.

Fun Facts


  • If you listen to this clip, then you'll hear the background music for when Marshie is talking at the end. Marshie's voice is added over this track.
  • If you view the Flash file, there is a clickable area at the top-right corner outside the frame at the end, but does nothing.


  • When The Sad Kids turn around to face Marshie, their shadows(very faint) don't change direction.

Inside References

  • The song that the Background Singers sing near the end is the same song that they sang at the end of the Fluffy Puff Commercial.
  • The plates of marshmallows with various toppings are examples of concoctions.
  • The goat sound played during 'pinner' is the same from Audition with Marzipan.
  • "Pinner" is wearing a bowler hat and has a cigar.
  • A possible reason that Homestar dislikes Marshie is that he seems to have replaced Homestar as Fluffy Puff mascot, a position he seemed to hold in Fluffy Puff Commercial.

Real-World References

  • Galoob, mentioned in the page title, was a toy company that made Micro Machines, the Game Genie, and Star Wars and Star Trek action figures. It has since been bought by Hasbro. The phrase "New from Galoob!" was the last line of the commercials for these toys.
  • "Kids ask for it by name" is possibly a reference to Meow Mix cat food, which uses the slogan "So good, cats ask for it by name!"
  • "Made from the best stuff" is a possible reference to Snapple's slogan, "Made from the best stuff on earth."
  • The batteries shown at "munch" are Duracell.
  • Fluffy Puff "All Marshmallow Mayonnaise" might be referring to Marshmallow Fluff, a thick, white, marshmallow-flavored spread.

Fast Forward

  • The "7" labeled salt shaker makes an appearance in record book.
  • In an easter egg in island, pinner is one of the 4 foods strong bad can change into.

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