Marzipan and Coach Z's Relationship

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Coach Z and Marzipan have a love-hate relationship, with most of the love lying on Coach Z's side and most of the hate lying on Marzipan's. On several occasions, Coach Z has shown to be in love with, or at least attracted too, Marzipan, although whether this is do to actually feelings of love or the fact that Marzipan is only girl available. Marzipan has made quite clear that she is not particularly fond of Coach Z, and is often annoyed or down-right repulsed by him. Despite these differing feelings between them, the two have been able to get along fairly well on a few occasions.

Coach Z's love of Marzipan

  • Email diorama — Coach Z says Mrazipan is his girlfriend.

Marzipan's hatred of Coach Z

  • Fall Float Parade — Marzipan gets mad at Coach Z for making inappropriate comments during the commercial break.

Coach Z and Marzipan getting along

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