Marzipan's House

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Marzipan's Complete Living Room

Marzipan's House has siding and a front porch. Her living room contains a couch and an artwork with the words "Thank You" off-centered on it. This painting was among Strong Bad's loot in the Strong Bad Is in Jail Cartoon. Across from her couch in the living room is a mirror as seen in its reflection in Date Nite. Her kitchen contains a basic dining table, a window with a view outside, a Trivia Time cookie jar, her microwave, and her radio. This appears to be the only kitchen that anybody in the Homestar Runner Universe is actually seen using. Homestar Runner is actually seen in the kitchen more often than Marzipan. She has a rarely seen craft room where she prepares her protest signs. She also has a wall with "cool tapes" written on it, and a basement with chinchillas in it.

Near her door is her PhoneTime XL8 answering machine where the "Marzipan's Answering Machine" feature takes place. Her yard boasts a fine gazebo and radish patch.


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