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===Message 16===
===Message 16===
'''Visor Robot''': Marzipan, this is the Visor Robot.  Listen, you need to tell Strong Bad not to do this. Let's fhqwhgads again, crap it is so terrible. I don't want to sully my good name.  Come on Marzipan. Do not let him do this ok. See you around. ''{beep}''
===Message 17===
===Message 17===

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watch Version 16.2 Version 1.0

Marzipan checks her answering machine after seven years of wandering about.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Marzipan, Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Bubs, Strong Sad, Homsar, Kevin, Visor Robot, The Poopsmith, The King of Town, sloshy, Puppet Homestar, Litigation Jackson, Larry Palaroncini, Humidibot, F-Sack, Senor Cardgage, Marshie, Horrible Painting, Balding Man, Stinkoman, Pan Pan, 1-Up, The Homestar Runner, Blue Laser Commander, Crack Stuntman, Old-Timey Strong Bad, Sickly Sam

Places: House of the Brothers Strong, Marzipan's House

Date: Friday, April 1, 2016

Running Time: 31:09

Page Title: Just think of it as a podcast!



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{The scene opens with a phone hook lying on the floor; the receiver is offscreen. It has a funnel on top of it, and in the funnel are two bottles of "Cheez Wheez" and a bottle of "Lite Em Up Dan" lighter fluid. Two more bottles of Cheez Wheez are nearby.}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Oh dang!

{The camera pans across the phone's cord, to a part that is entangling more bottles of Cheez Wheez and some batteries, which are connected by wires.}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Oh dang muffins!

{The camera pans more to an axe suspended from the ceiling, with two speakers attached to it, all entangled by the phone cord.}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Oh dang muffins pie!

{Cut to Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat, in the same room as all of the previous. The phone's receiver is dangling from the ceiling.}

STRONG BAD: OH DANG MUFFINS PIE A LA MODE! This is gonna be the best April Fools Day prank call ever!

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Now you're sure the science is sound? The battle axes and Cheez Weezes will actually get through the phone lines?

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Oh... fiber optics... makes sense, makes sense... Marzipan won't know what hit her! Alright, Strong Mad, dial the number!

STRONG MAD: {picks up the phone} Uh... Um...

STRONG BAD: {snatches phone} Never mind, I'll dial the number. Um... Never mind, The Cheat, you dial the number.

THE CHEAT: {Takes the phone from Strong Bad and dials Marzipan's phone number as he makes some The Cheat noises. He hands the phone back to Strong Bad as it rings.}

PHONE OPERATOR: We're sorry, the mailbox of the answering machine you're trying to prank is full! Please try again later.

STRONG BAD: What? Why the crap is her mailbox full?

{Cut to Marzipan's answering machine, which appears to be in poor condition. The display shows glitchy symbols throughout the toon.}

Marzipan's Greeting

MARZIPAN: Hi, this is Marzipan. I'll be out and about for about seven years, so I'll give you a call back after that. Thank you! {beep}

Message 1

AUTOMATED VOICE: Message 1 from: June 17th, 2009.

STRONG BAD: {falsetto} Oh, hey, Marzipan! This is Joanie Allthetime, uh, your acupuncturist. Calling you to tell you, I, I had a new do-it-yourself-from-home program. That means you don't have to come to see me no more to stick needles in you! So I want you to wander around your house, uh, reciting your— this new mantra that I will give you. Which is, um, Yoplait, Fage, Oikos, um, Activia. So you just say that over and over again, and then pick up any sharp or even blunt objects around your house and just jab them right, right into you! Um, I would work the kidneys first, and then from there, move on to— to the eyes. Okay, namaste, have yourself a real nice day! Ha, hey, that's a new mantra! Don't use that one, though; use the yogurt one.

Message 2

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {in a halting voice, like a stereotypical robot} Hey, Marzipan. This is Homestar Runner. I heard that you got a new smartphone, so instead of leaving you a message, I'm texting this to you. Smileyman, winky smileyman, wineglass wineglass 90s camcorder, send.

Message 3

AUTOMATED VOICE: You have a call from: Free Country USA Penitentiary.

COACH Z: Uh, surprise, surprise, Marzipan! Guess where I ended up! The hoosegow! They only give ya one phone call here, so I couldn't think'a anyone better to blow it on than you, Marzi. Uh, I'm gonna— I'm gonna be away for a while, I think, here. You're— you're gonna hear a lot of stuff comin' out on the news. I want you to ignore seventy-five to ninety-eight percent of it, if you could. Uh, the part where they say that my name is Coach Z? Uh, you can listen to that. The part where they say I'm mostly green? That— that's a— that's a fact. That's a police fact. The rest I would just ignore if I was you. Anyways, Bubs is gonna represent me, so that'll be fun. Hey, and get this: they say I'm a flight risk! That sounds like somethin' you'd see on a trophy, doesn't it? "Coach Z: First Place Flight Risk! Two hundred thousand dollar bail!"

AUTOMATED VOICE: Call ended... for being way too depressing.

Message 4

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, man, Marzipan! Have you heard about the new internet craze, planking? It is gonna be around forever, and I'm gonna be doing it forever! Etched into the halls of history!

Message 5

BUBS: Hey, Marzipan, it's Bubs! Look, I been thinking that maybe I need a catch phrase or something. Seems like everybody else got one. Strong Bad says "holy crap", Homestar says "seriously", Coach Z can't speak English. But what about Bubs? All anybody remembers about me is how I once stole an aircraft carrier. What kinda legacy is that? So I got a list here of some catch phrase candidates. Lemme— lemme try 'em out on you, see whatcha think. "Zabbledoo!" Huh? "Zabbledoo"? I'd say it like, "Zabbledoo, Marzipan! What can I zabbledoo for you?" I think that sounds pretty good. I can also go with something classic, like yellin' "Scarborough Fair!" Whaddya think of that? Or like somethin' that sounds like it's from the fifties or sixties maybe? "Put it to me!" Huh? "Put it to me"? I dunno. If you think of any ideas, gimme a shout! Poppodoplous!... Naw, that's terrible.

Message 6

STRONG SAD: {speaks with an obvious lisp throughout the message} Uh, happy New Years, Marzipan. It's Strong Sad. It's, uh, January first, 2011. And, uh, I've decided to try something new this year. It's gonna be a whole new Strong Sad. Can you guess— can you guess what it is? I feel like people don't notice my personality, so I'm trying to give 'em something to grasp onto. Have you guessed what it is yet? Hmmm? Marzipan? Anyways, I think this is the dawn of a new day for old SS. I'm thure I'm gonna keep this up for thhh— for many years to come. This is not just one of my phases, like the eye patch, or the cane, or the monocle, or the bowler hats, or the jodhpurs. Oh, those were dark times, those jodhpurs days. Anyways, this is the new Strong Sad signing off!

Message 7

STRONG SAD: {without the lisp} Hey, Marzipan. It's January second, 2011. Disregard my last message. I don't— I don't know what I was thinking. What a surprise, I've already backtracked. I couldn't even go a whole twenty-four hours! "The new Strong Sad"... Maybe— maybe the jodhpurs weren't such a bad idea. I'm gonna go see if I can find those!

Message 8

STRONG BAD: {in a smooth and smarmy voice} Good afternoon, Mrs. Pan. This is Vince Napmaker from public radio's "The World is my Butt". We wanted to call you to thank you for being a continued supporter of public radio. But we wanted to ask you if you'd be willing to increase your support. Every dollar counts. Do you have any idea how much it costs to ask like you're this much better than everyone else? And furthermore, our uppity podcasts aren't going to create themselves. So please, as always, for the sake of tote bags everywhere, put a bunch of cash in a paper and/or plastic bag and leave it on the doorstep. {The public radio jingle plays over his next line.} This is Vince Napmaker for public radio. And now here's a supercut of Robert Siegel saying "I gather."

ROBERT SIEGEL: {at various different pitches} I gather— I gather— I gather— I gather— I gather— I gather— I gather— I gather—

Message 9

AUTOMATED VOICE: You have a call from: Free Country USA Penitentiary.

COACH Z: Hey, there, Marzipan! We won our first victory in the long fight to justice! I had my hearing yesterday, and guess what? They're gonna try me as a minor! Bubs tells me that's a good thing. So anyways, I'm celebratin' with a batch of jail terlet melonade! I wish you was here to clink glasses with me. Well, these aren't glasses so much as they're, uh, the little slippers they give us. They don't exactly clink. They just sorta s—slop together. Ya end up basically suckin' the melonade outta the— the sort of foam Dr. Scholls situation. Ya know what, after sayin' that out loud, I think I'm gonna skip this round. But anyways, {chanting} free Coach Z! Free Coach Z!

Message 10

HOMSAR: AaA, hey Marzipa-yan! It's Homsar! I was just calling you because, for some reason, I seem to be more articulate on the phone! I hate to hang up, knowin' as soon as I do, I'll be back to "AaAaA, you're a pork rind's president!" Or maybe like, "DaAaAon't get chipsy with the chalk sauce!" Y— you know, the kind of garbage that I spout! Anyways, gimme a holler if you ever wanna have a constructive conversation. OoOoOokay, bye-dee-bye!

Message 11

BUBS: {Soft tone} Hey Marzipan, it's Bubs. You know, the defense lawyer on the Coach Z case. I've been starting to have some pangs. Pangs of... this is a really terrible idea. Pangs of... he's totally guilty and you shouldn't be a lawyer. Pangs of... just what exactly is a charcuterie board, and why is it so expensive? Anyways, I think Coach Z did it, and I don't know if I can defend him anymore, whatever it is that he is accused of. I haven't really gotten around to asking anybody yet. I'm supposed to be in the court room defending him right now, but I snuck out to read some John Grisham novels to give me an edge, only I mixed him up with Michael Crichton, and now my defense is based around {Stretched out and delivered in a growl} DINOSAURS! Ba doo da dum, bo!

Message 12

HOMESTAR: Oh man, Marzipan. Kickstarter sensation the Ouya, they're gonna make games for that thing for the rest of eternity! Mark my words, every game that comes out from now until the end of time will also come out on the Ouya. Gonna outlive Sony, Nintendo, Coleco, Canseco, Jaleco, all of the heavy hitters. Anyways, I can't wait to be playing Ouya games in fifteen years, or even like, five months! Written in Sharpie on the bathroom wall of history!

Message 13

AUTOMATED VOICE: You have a call from: Free Country USA Penitentiary.

STRONG SAD: {Depressed and in fear} Uh, hey Marzipan. The jodhpurs did not work out! They did not work out! Why, jodhpurs? Why'd you do that to me, jodhpurs? How could you do this to me, jodhpurs? {beep}

Message 14

STRONG BAD: Hey Marzipan, it's Strong Bad. Look, I just wanted to run something by you, um... Everybody else I've talked to says that this is the worst idea I've ever had, and that my career will go down in flames if I do this, so you're my last hope to tell me that this is a great idea. As you know, it's June of 2012, which means we're coming up on the ten year anniversary of Everybody to the Limit, so I want to celebrate in grand fashion, and I figured what better way than to make a sequel! It's like... Fhqwhgads Revisited! Let me just play a little demo right here over the phone. {Singing} Let's fhqwhgads again! Let's fhqwhgads again! Let's fhqwhgads again! Let's fhqwhgads again! You remember that song, from that one summer. It was really good, and you emailed it to all your friends. Let's fhqwhgads again, so you can email it to all your friends! Let's fhqwhgads again, and now email your friends. Guess who will be there? Probably Joe and Jake. You remember Joe and Jake? I mentioned them in the first song. Th- this is the sequel. Let's fhqwhgads again! F-H-Q-W-H-GADS. F-H-Q-W-H-GADS. F-H-Q-W-H-GADS. So that's great, right? I mean, it's even better than the first one! So anyways, call me back, and tell me it's a great idea, so I can get The Cheat to work on a music video. Okay, bye! {Whispering} Let's fhqwhgads again! Let's fhqwhgads again! {beep}

Message 15

Message 16

Visor Robot: Marzipan, this is the Visor Robot. Listen, you need to tell Strong Bad not to do this. Let's fhqwhgads again, crap it is so terrible. I don't want to sully my good name. Come on Marzipan. Do not let him do this ok. See you around. {beep}

Message 17

Message 18

Message 19

Message 20

Message 21

Message 22

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Fun Facts


  • Jeremy Lin is an NBA player who famously began his career by leading the New York Knicks to a large winning streak, only to later struggle once signed by another team.



Inside References

  • Homsar speaking "more articulate on the phone" is in reference to Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 5.0, which was created before Homsar's tendency to spout non-sequiturs had been established, and thus had Homsar able to create a coherent monologue while calling Marzipan.
  • The King of Town mentions being the father of Marzipan at one point in time.

Real-World References

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