Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up

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Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up

This Halloween game was released at the same time as Malloween Commercial, and a week prior to 3 Times Halloween Funjob. It is similar to the game Ikaruga in that the player must master two different "colors" (in this case black and orange). To do so, the player must collect marshmallows of the same color as Marshie's current aura while simultaneously avoiding marshmallows of the other color.

Date: Monday, October 20, 2003

Page Title: More Marshie for the Kids!


Instructions: "How Do I Do It?"

"When Marshie looks like [Marshie icon with orange circle], collect [orange marshmallow icon] and press [SPACE bar] to bomb them into [orange bag icon]. If Marshie looks like [Marshie icon with black circle], collect [black marshmallow icon] and press [SPACE bar] to bomb them into [black bag icon]. Press [A key] to switch between [Marshie icon with orange circle] and [Marshie icon with black circle]. If Marshie looks like [Marshie icon with black circle] and collects [orange marshmallow icon], he loses energy (and vice versa). Press [P key] to pause the game. [Can of "Can D" icon] increases speed. [Bag of Malloweens icon] refills your bombs. [Brown bag icon] increases your capacity. [do it! button]"

Fun Facts


  • This game was originally only accessible by clicking the What's New button. After awhile, it became a secret page, not accessible from any other point on the website (though it can now be reached from the Games menu).
  • This and Make-o Your own Stinko are the only games on the New Games Page not made by Videlectrix.
    • Additionally, it is the only game on the New Games Page that is not in a pixellated style.
  • On the New Games Page, it is referred to as "Marshie Ween".



  • After the first level, the level counter in the upper left corner displays the previous level, rather than the current level.
  • If Caps Lock is on, the "A" and "P" keys do not function.
  • If the player pauses the game while a bag is on-screen, the bag shows but nothing else does.
  • Marshie's color can still be changed on the pause screen.
    • This is an advantage: if there is a situation such as an orange marshmallow and a black marshmallow (or vice versa) directly next to each other, the player can collect the first one, pause, press a, then resume and get the other one.
  • If the player gets a high enough hit accuracy during the game, upon finishing it may record the hit percentage as over 100%.

Real-World References

  • The creepy music heard in the beginning is taken from Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor", though it is in a different key.
  • Marshie's health bar, the sound he makes when he dies, and the pattern of circles left behind are from the Mega Man games.
  • The sound made when the game is paused is used in many of the NES games made by Konami, examples being Bayou Billy, Blades of Steel, and Contra.
  • The instructions look like the picture stories in the children's magazine Highlights.

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