Mario Paint Character Variations

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In Mario Paint, characters are drawn differently and have limited animation.

Image Description Appearances
Old Mario Paint Homestar Runner Super NES

Homestar has a completely blue hat and dot eyes

Mario Paint Homestar Runner Strong Bad is a Bad Guy

Homestar now has his red and blue hat and apostrophe eyes

Image:Oldmariopaintstrongbad.png Old Mario Paint Strong Bad Super NES

Strong Bad has a green tongue.

Mario Paint Strong Bad Strong Bad is a Bad Guy

He gets his normal colors.

Image:Oldmariopaintstrongmad.PNG Old Mario Paint Strong Mad Super NES

Strong Mad is wider than ever.

Mario Paint Strong Mad Strong Bad is a Bad Guy

Strong Mad is back to normal.

Image:Oldmariopaintthecheat.PNG Old Mario Paint The Cheat Super NES
Mario Paint The Cheat Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
Image:Oldmariopaintpompom.PNG Old Mario Paint Pom Pom Super NES

At first, he has a white face.

Image:Oldmariopaintstrongsad.PNG Old Mario Paint Strong Sad Super NES

He is orange and blue.

Mario Paint Marzipan Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
Mario Paint Marshie Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
Mario Paint Trogdor Strong Bad is a Bad Guy
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