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In this comic, Stinkoman is looking for a challenge!

Stinkoman Sunday Fun Talk (alternately Make-O Your Own Stinko) is a hidden Easter egg found in web comics. You can create your own Stinkoman 20X6 themed comic just like Strong Bad, by selecting from numerous characters, objects, and backgrounds from the game of the same name in up to four panels. Each sprite can be resized, rotated, and flipped, and you can add any text you want into the talk bubbles. When you're all done, there is an option to print it out.

The backgrounds that can be used are from Level 1 (Go Home), Level 2 (Pick a Bone), Level 4 (Fisticuff), Level 5 (Oh the Moon), Level 6 (Stratosfear), Level 7 (Ice 2 Meet U), and Level 9 (Turbolence) respectively.


Characters & Enemies Included

The Make-O Your Own Stinko Interface.

Fun Facts

  • This is the first time Pan Pan is seen as an in-game sprite.

Inside References

  • The loading screen reads "Find The Loadbearer," a reference to slumber party.

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