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Today the Main Page tomorrow the world!

The Main Pages are the "menu" pages for, and are one of the more interesting aspects of the site. Every time you return to the main page a new one will load. These pages contain links to the regularly updating material of the site including the Quote of the Week, Weekly Fanstuff and the Sketchbook.

Many of these pages contain funny little actions and references to previous toons.

Current list

Hidden Main Pages

There are a couple of hidden main pages:

Fun Facts

  • If you click and drag the navigation buttons from the left-hand menu area into the main part of the main page, you can make certain effects persist. You can even combine more than one effect.
    • For example, on Main Page 1, if you click and drag "'toons", "store", and "e-mail" to the left or right and let go, you'll be able to see the spaceman at the top of the rocket, the constellations of Strong Bad and Marzipan, and Homestar's helmet all at the same time (see the image at the top of this article).
    • You can use this trick for at least one effect on all the Main Pages except 7, 12, and 19. For the trick to work, the effect has to persist as long as you keep the mouse over the button.
    • This trick works throughout the site.
    • This trick used to work on scroll buttons, but they've since been fixed.
  • The only Main Pages that have Homestar in his regular outfit, size, and style are "Falling through the sky," "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes," "The Show." And "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes" is the only one to have just Homestar up front with nothing special.
  • It took TBC until February 21st, 2005 to change the copyright date from 2004 to 2005.
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