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Precursor to sbemail podcast

The Main Page messages alert visitors to what's new at The messages usually appear early on Monday morning to let people know that a new toon or Strong Bad Email will be released soon. They are located at the top right corner of most Main Pages, and generally change color (and sometimes wording) when rolled over or clicked. The entries are displayed using the font Potrzebie. This article lists all known messages featured on the Main Pages.


Button Pressed Button Links to Color Notes
email soon Strong Bad Email Menu green Often used if an email will be released before the end of the week or day. On March 12, 2007, it linked to a 404'd page which was later replaced with a near-complete version of your funeral. The message was used on April 9, 2007 to link to Eggs.
new answering machine Marzipan's Answering Machine Version X.2 light blue Used for new Marzipan's Answering Machine.
new sbemail a-comin' green Occasionally used if an email will be released late Monday.
sbemail soon! green Also used occasionally when an email is late. On August 31, 2009, the message could still scroll to the next update when the mouse was on it.
new strong bad email Strong Bad Email #X green Most common message.
strong bad email Strong Bad Email #X green Used if something else, like a new toon or short, is released one week after a Strong Bad Email's release date. During some weeks it is not seen at all. During the week of August 27, 2007, there was a "new strong bad email" button for hygiene and a "strong bad email" button for concert.
old strong bad email Previous week's email green Used to link to an email released the previous week when had been an email the current week also.
sbemail podcast! Podstar Runner light grey/black Once changed to "sbemails on ipod!" From early 2006 to July 16, 2007, it was always posted last before the message cycle starts again every week. It began advertising the 2008 podcasts on April 14 and was later removed on June 5.
podcast is back! Podstar Runner black Later in the first day of the 2008 Podcast releases, the podcast message was changed to this. Currently appears at the end of the message cycle every week.
teen girl squad! Teen Girl Squad Issue #X pink Used for new Teen Girl Squad issues.
new holiday toon orange Used for new Holiday Toons.
halloween toon! orange Used for new Halloween Toons.
new short soon yellow Used if a new short is going to be released late. On September 14, 2009, the message still scrolled to the next update even with mouse on it (but wouldn't proceed any further from there).
new toon soon New Stuff blue Used if a new toon or, sometimes, a new short is going to be released late.
new short toon! red Used for new Short Toons, though on one occasion, it led to a big toon.
new short! varies Another one used for new Short Toons.
new main page! Main Page X yellow/blue Used for new main pages.
quote of the month! quote of the day! Quote of the Week Popup Used before introduction of the three weeklies buttons. Note that when rolled over, the button read "quote of the week!"
weekly fanstuff Weekly Fanstuff Popup yellow Used before introduction of the three weeklies buttons.
sketchbook Sketchbook Popup red Used before introduction of the three weeklies buttons.
sbemails on ipod! Podstar Runner white Used before the what's new button was changed to "sbemail podcast!".
short toon soon! red Used when a new short will be released soon.
new dvd! Store varies Notified the releases of strongbad_email.exe Disc Four (with a white message), Everything Else Volume 2 (gold), and Everything Else Volume 3 (red).
sbemails return next week! green Used to notify fans of the end of a break. Used January 15th at the end of the winter break, and August 7th 2007 at the end of the baby break.
10% off sale! 10% off sale at the Store orange/blue
puppetween Homestar vs. Little Girl 2 (2004),
Marshie vs. Little Girl (2007)
halloween stencils Punkin Stencils orange Used in October 2007 and 2008.
wii/PC game out now! episode X out now! A pop-up ad for SBCG4AP varies Button doesn't work on Main Page 23.
ween toon soon A teaser for the next Halloween special green Was first used to link to Jibblies 2 Teaser.
new hremail! Hremail #X green Was first used to link to Hremail 62.
strong bad's cool game! for Wii and PC! A pop-up ad for SBCG4AP red Button doesn't work on Main Page 23.

Special Cases

Button Pressed Button Links to Color Notes
new fan costumes! Fan Costumes '06 black/orange
marshmallow commercial Fluffy Puff Commercial light blue Button still appears on the Luau Main Page.
3 new home pages Main Page 11 brown Posted when main pages 9, 10, and 11 came out. Button still appears on the Luau Main Page.
pop quiz Homestar Quiz orange Button still appears on the Luau Main Page.
baby trogdors are back! Baby Trogdor onesies and toddler t-shirts blue Baby clothes are back in stock.
trogdor baby clothes Baby Trogdor onesies and toddler t-shirts gold To advertise the new baby clothes.
trogdor's 3rd birthday Happy Trogday indigo
10 years shirt! Homestar's 10th Birthday Shirt yellow Advertising new 10th anniversary T-Shirt.
deck toon No Hands On Deck! red Button was renamed the week after the toon's debut.
10 years! Strongest Man in the World blue Meant to inform people about the 10th anniversary toon.
kid speedy version! Kid Speedy light blue Meant to inform people that a new version of kid speedy has been released.
Duck Guardian Duck Guardian One orange
dungeon man 3! Thy Dungeonman 3 orange
super brave!! Super Brave!! orange
these kids rule Super Brave!! orange Button renamed the week after Super Brave was released.
snow globe Snow Globe red
biz cas fri Biz Cas Fri 1 yellow
more biz cas fri Biz Cas Fri 2 yellow
new biz cas fri! Biz Cas Fri 3 light blue
sign up for h*r updates purple Put up to let people sign up to be informed of new updates on Homestar Runner. The Brothers Chaps do not check this anymore.
puppet thingie Labor Dabor orange
get ye flask shirt! Get Ye Flask t-shirt Black Informs people of a new shirt at the Store.
2nd set of figurines!! Figurines orange
dungeonman 3! Thy Dungeonman 3 orange Meant to inform people of a new game that had been released.
strong bad puppet Strong Bad vs. Little Girl! yellow
old timey halloween That A Ghost white
workin as fast as we can orange Meant to inform people that the 2005 Halloween toon was in production.
it's still halloween in certain time zones Halloween Potion-ma-jig The 2005 Halloween toon was released after midnight of Oct. 31, Atlanta time.
Coach Z shirt! Coach Z shirt green
strong bad email? Broken Compy Menu green Posted the week after the Compy got shotgunned in the email virus.
support the municipality we're onto you Popup Poster download dark grey Released after disconnected with the other Weeklies.
nothing else! blue Displayed along with "new sbemail" on Jan. 8, 2006, which had been the only update in the past month.
atlanta fans click here! white Regarding Paste Rock 'n Reel Festival. Posted on Oct. 20, 2005. Message archived here.
h*r at dragoncon! light grey Regarding DragonCon '05. Posted on Aug. 31, 2005. Message archived here.
hey, a new toon!! Cool Things light orange
old shirts going away Referring to Homestar Classic and Homestar Running T-shirts. Posted on July 24, 2005.
new short shortly grey Posted before the release of Senorial Day.
senorial day! Senorial Day orange
sbemail 150?!? Sbemail 150?!? purple Put up the week before Strong Bad Email #150 was released.
king of town toon! senior prom Titled as a joke; button later changed to regular "strong bad email" button.
april fool's thing! PAY PLUS! blue The toon it links to was originally put on the main page for April Fools.
new game preview! Peasant's Quest Preview dark blue Linked to the teaser for Peasant's Quest.
peasant's quest! Peasant's Quest dark brown
super bowl halftime! Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer blue Posted at the halftime of the 2005 Super Bowl.
peasant's quest trailer! Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer blue Button renamed the week after the toon's debut.
decemberween in july! Decemberween In July red
new sbemail part one! retirement A green Announced the release of part one of retirement.
new sbemail part two! retirement B green Announced the release of part two of retirement. (note that the message linking to the combined version simply read "Strong Bad Email."
short shorts! Summer Short Shorts
weclome back! Weclome Back The first new toon in over a month.
back to our roots! Strong Bad is a Bad Guy The first toon in 9 years animated with Mario Paint.
holiday toon a-brewin blue Used shortly before Let us give TANKS! was released.
D'ween shorts! Decemberween Short Shorts red
thanksgiving toon Let us give TANKS! red Button renamed the week after the toon's debut.
pumpkin stencils Punkin Stencils black Used in October 2006.
missing lappy Lappynapped! black Took viewers to the teaser for retirement.
happy hallow-day Happy Hallow-day red Button renamed a week after the toon's debut.
holiday savings! Decemberween 2006 sale dark blue
teen girl squadcast! Podstar Runner white Used instead of "sbemail podcast!" the first time a Teen Girl Squad podcast was made.
cool new poster! Store blue
cheat plush sale! Kick The Cheat Valentine's Day sale blue
dvd combo sale! Everything Else DVD combo indigo
10% off sale! Homestar and Strong Bad Poster orange Posted for the semi-annual 10% off sale in the store.
new cartoon! An Important Rap Song yellow Note that for about two weeks, the message continued to claim the video was "new."
drive thru! Drive Thru red Button renamed the week after the toon's debut.
wii owners! Viidelectrix, though indirectly dark red Posted January 29, 2007 to announce new Wii versions of games. It opens an on-screen message directing visitors to (It didn't work on Main Pages 22 or 23).
kot toon! KOT's VOQPCS! red Button renamed the week after the toon's release.
cardgage shirt! Senor Cardgage shirt indigo
pistols for pandas shirt! Pistols for Pandas T-shirt indigo
hoodies clearance! Hooded Sweatshirt clearance indigo
poopsmith baby clothes The Poopsmith Baby Clothes brown
trogdor for wii! Viidelectrix red Posted when wii versions of TROGDOR! and Duck Guardian One were released.
2 many knives An Important Rap Song yellow Part of the rap song that Crack Stuntman sings in the toon has "Kids don't play with too many knives" in the lyrics; the message was renamed about two weeks after the toon's debut.
sbemail 169 lost scene! Sbemail 169 Deleted Scene yellow
pandas are back! Pistols for Pandas shirt blue Posted after more shirts were made.
new big toon! DNA Evidence red
dna evidence DNA Evidence red Button renamed the week after the toon's debut.
new sbemail dvd! strongbad_email.exe Disc Five orange
you reek-a shirt! You Reek-A! T-Shirt blue
one two, one two! One Two, One Two yellow Button renamed the week after the short's debut.
strong bad sale! Strong Bad sale at the Store blue
date nite! Date Nite red
takin' a baby break Announcing a short break, linked to a pop-up message baby blue Posted after Jackie Chapman's new baby was born.
ever and more! Ever and More! red Button renamed the week after the short's debut.
'new' videlectrix game! Where's An Egg? red The word "new" is in quotes because the box and description of the game first appeared in Videlectrix's catalog about 2 1/2 years earlier.
where's an egg? Where's An Egg? red Button renamed about three weeks after the game's debut.
toy sale! Collectible Figurine sale blue
quality time Quality Time red Button renamed the week after the short's debut.
trogdor poster! Trogdor poster orange
trogdor tote bag Trogdor tote bag blue
limozeen vs. sloshy Limozeen vs. Sloshy red
sloshy shirt! sloshy T-shirt black The "o" in "sloshy" was written in red to resemble the band's logo.
new homestar shirt Wind-up Homestar Shirt blue
october coupon dealie October coupon promotion at the Store orange
eh! steve! shirt Eh! Steve! shirt tan
stinkoman comic creator Make-o Your Own Stinko red Posted the week the game was updated and added to the Scrolling Shooter Games Menu.
halloween toon! Jibblies 2 green
fan costumes Fan Costumes '07 orange
coach z vs. Peacey P Rap Song blue
thanksgiving short! Toikey TV brown
strong bad zip-up hoodies Strong Bad Zip Up Hoodies light blue
$2.99 shipping special Black Friday 2007 sale red
kick the cheat endangered! Adopt The Cheat Foundation sale red Posted when less than 200 Kick The Cheat dolls were left unpurchased.
happy decemberween! Happy Dethemberween purple
kick the cheat extinct! Adopt The Cheat Foundation red Posted when the store was sold out of Kick The Cheat dolls.
trogdor sale soon Store red Posted a week before Trogdor's 5th birthday.
podcast returns thursday Podstar Runner black Podstar Runner had previously been discontinued for about three and a half months.
podcasts are back! Podstar Runner black Podcast Runner returns with looking old.
guest wallpaper Two sizes of desktop wallpaper featuring Trogdor as drawn by Rob Schrab. yellow
happy trogday! Trogday 08 green The button color was changed to red the week after the toon's debut.
trogdor sale! Trogday 2008 sale red
new trogdor shirt! Five-dor shirt blue
fan wallpaper 3D Poopsmith wallpaper yellow The wallpaper was created from a picture displayed in the newest Weekly Fanstuff at the time.
homsar cardgage sale Store orange
halftime show! Sloshybowl brown
old timey toon Sickly Sam's Big Outing gray The font was written in dark gray.
new patches! February 2008 patches red
non-sequitur champ! Non-Sequitur Champion blue
the pizz t-shirt! The Pizz Shirt red
limozeen live! Limozeen Live! (practice) green On March 31, 2008, the button turned pink and linked directly to the video, skipping a dated poster for the Limozeen concert.
blubb-o's! Blubb-O's Commercial yellow Button renamed a week after the toon's debut.
dvd sale! 2008 Easter Egg sale pink
eggs! Rotten Eggs blue
limozeen show online Teeg Dougland's YouTube channel pink
game news soon red Hints at the announcement of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.
wiiware game! SBCG4AP Advertisement yellow
nebulon shirts! Nebulon T-shirts blue
workin' on the game Workin' on the Game red
t-shirt sale! 2008 Memorial Day sale blue
t-shirt clearance! 2008 Post-Memorial Day Sale blue
somber vaction Somber Vacation dark red
playdate! Play Date green Button renamed a week after the toon's debut.
sbcg4ap! Telltale Games' website for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People yellow
strong bad on wii! Telltale Games' website for Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People yellow Button changed from "sbcg4ap!" to this one month after the button first appeared.
homestar t-shirt Classic Homestar T-Shirt blue
baloney man The Baloneyman red Button renamed a week after the toon's debut.
strong badman shirt! Strong Badman T-shirt blue
new cheat commandos The Next Epi-snowed red
wiiware game coming 8/11 A pop-up ad for SBCG4AP yellow
powered by the cheat Trudgemank red
place ya bets! Place Ya Bets! light blue
200th sbemail! email thunder green
red cheat shirt! Red The Cheat shirt red
pixel ghost shirt! Bad Graphics Ghost shirt black The text changes from white to green (to match the Bad Graphics Ghost) when you roll over the message.
limozeen show An advertisement for Limozeen Live! - 8 Nov 2008 lavender
halloween short! Costume Commercial yellow
baddest of the bands! for wiiware and PC! Baddest of the Bands Promo Spot red
dangeresque puppets Dangeresque: Puppet Squad yellow
pixel ghost sale! pixel ghost shirt! Bad Graphics Ghost shirt black
dangeresque 3 wiiware game! out now for wiiware/PC! A pop-up ad for Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective red
sbemail dvd 6! strongbad_email.exe Disc Six orange
thnikka shirt! Thnikkaman T-shirt dark blue
new videlectrix game! Videlectrix's website green Posted to announce the release of Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque.
coach z short! Coach Z's 110% light blue
SBCG4AP season finale! featuring Trogdor! A pop-up ad for 8-Bit is Enough red
holiday songs! Hooked on Decemberween green
holiday toon! A Death-Defying Decemberween light blue
old hremail Hremail 2000 green Used to link Hremail 2000 after a week.
four gregs! 4 Gregs dark blue
homestar hoodie! Homestar Zip Hood orange
career day! Career Day yellow
new strong bad email new strong bad email? Sbemailiarized! green Not Quite Strong Bad Email as an early April Fools' Day joke.
best of sbemails dvd! SBEmails' 50 Greatest Hits DVD orange
sbemailiarized! Sbemailiarized! green Button changed a week after the toon's debut.
cheat song Where U Goin' 2? red
donut place! Donut Unto Others pink Button changed a week after toon's debut.
earthday totebag! Green Cheat Tote Bag brown
strong bad game on dvd! A pop-up ad for SBCG4AP Collector's DVD red Posted when the DVD became available for preorder.
cheat commandos 2 Part Episode: Part 1 light blue
cheat commandos pt. 2 2 Part Episode: Part 2 purple The button once changed to "cheat commandos pt. 1" when rolled over.
kick the cheat contest! A pop-up ad for the Win the last remaining Kick the Cheat contest yellow
13% off sale! 13th Anniversary Sale blue/teal An ad for the "13th Anniversary 13% Off" Sale. The button used to not link to the store (or anywhere at all), and for some reason 13% changed to 15% when the button was pressed. This was all fixed later.
support the wiki An advertisement from The Brothers Chaps asking to donate to the HRWiki. orange, later changed purple The "DONATE NOW!" button links to HRWiki:DO YOU HAS?. The word "exhaustiveness" links to Headbands. Both "" and "Check it out" are linked to the wiki's Main Page.
halloween contests! An advertisement for a best costume/pumpkin contest. The winner receives a $20 gift code toward the Store. The winners are announced "a week or so after Halloween". orange The words "costume and pumpkin" link to Fan Costumes '08. There are also links at the bottom to email "" and "".
strong bad baby clothes strong bad baby clothes {see notes} Homestar Babies Infant One Piece navy / bright blue When rolled over, the button reads "homestar baby clothes" in bright blue, but when clicked, it reads "strong bad baby clothes" in a darker shade of navy.
new 2010 calendar! A pop-up ad for the 2010 Homestar Runner Calendar. green

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