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'''Icon:''' Gravestone
'''Icon:''' Gravestone
'''Page title:''' "Dead as a doornail!"
'''Page Title:''' Dead as a doornail!
==Button Effects==
==Button Effects==

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Dead as a doornail!

The graveyard main page. Homestar Runner is half out of a grave and somewhat decomposed.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, A Crow, Strong Bad (Head Bad and Strong Body), Pom Pom, The Goblin

Places: A graveyard

Icon: Gravestone

Page Title: Dead as a doornail!


Button Effects

  • Toons — Worms come out of Homestar's mouth.
  • Games — A crow comes down and takes part of Homestar's brain.
  • Characters — Strong Bad comes out of his grave and says, "Oh here I come, back from the dead, to terr—oh whoa, holy crap!" as his head breaks off and rolls away.
  • Downloads — Pom Pom's ghost floats up from his grave.
  • Store — Blood squirts out from Homestar's brain.
  • E-mail — The Goblin pokes his head out from behind Pom Pom's grave.

Fun Facts



  • After the crow takes a piece of Homestar's brain, when it flies out, it goes behind the new features buttons, but above the colored border.
  • As Homestar's brain pulsates, his shadow doesn't move with it.

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