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The Holiest Crap there could be.

Homestar Runner is an angel in heaven.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Strong Bad

Icon: Harp

Page title: "Homestar Runner must be dead!"


Button Effects

  • Toons - He plays a harp.
  • Games - A devil reaches a claw up through the clouds.
  • Characters - Three planes from an air show fly by, trailing red, white and blue streaks.
  • Downloads - The harp comes out again, and a string breaks.
  • Store - One of the planes crashes.
  • E-mail - Strong Bad walks by singing, "Keep on knockin' on heaven's door," but promptly falls through the clouds, yelling, "Holy crap!"

Fun Facts

  • The song Strong Bad is singing is "Knocking On Heaven's Door," a classic song by Bob Dylan.
  • The three planes are probably Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets.
  • The buzzer on Homestar's hat has been replaced by a halo.


  • Strong Bad says "Holy crap!" a split second too early, and was not lip-synced, although his mouth turns round when he falls.
  • If you roll over Email and Games at the same time, you'll see a white square overlapping Strong Bad, where the frame of the hell hand is.

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