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Beware the White Whale!

Homestar Runner is on an island.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner

Places: The Island

Icon: Palm tree with sun

Page title: "Homestar Runner"

  • Toons - A boat goes by and sounds its horn.
  • Games - A white whale appears with harpoons in its back.
  • Characters - A monkey drops from the tree and throws a coconut into the water.
  • Downloads - Homestar has sunglasses.
  • Store - A plane flies by bearing the message "Wear a bikini!"
  • E-mail - A monkey drops from the tree and throws a coconut at Homestar.

Fun Facts

  • The "Wear a Bikini!" sign is a question in the Homestar Quiz game.
  • The white whale is almost certainly a reference to Moby-Dick
  • The Toons, Games, and Store effects are all referenced in island.
  • Both of Homestar's eyes are behind one lens.
  • Roll over E-Mail, causing the monkey to throw a coconut at Homestar's head, then quickly move to Downloads(avoiding Store) and hold there. The coconut will hit Homestar's head and his head will move a little as a result of the bonk. However, his sunglasses will not move with his head.

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