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"The correct answer... was E-mail"

It's The Show! Homestar ad-libs to his usual sayings.

Characters (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Pom Pom

Place: The Show stage

Date: Friday, December 12, 2003

Icon: Microphone

Page Title: The Show!!


Button Effects

  • Toons — The Ab-Abber 2000 from the Strong Bad Email suntan appears behind Homestar. "Contestant number 1, your name again is—" {he looks at the cue card and squints oddly} "'Toons?'"
  • Games — A poster saying "A Trip to Hawaii!" appears. "Now, time for our lightning round. We call it... 'Games.'" A sign composed of flashing lights reading "GAMES" appears in the background and music is heard.
  • Characters — A chair with a sign that says "$??" appears. "So, Characters, you were in a movie recently." {leans toward the 'camera'} "Tell us about that."
  • Downloads — A golden statue of The Cheat appears. "My next guest is an extremely talented webpage. Please welcome.. 'Downloads!'" Pom Pom bounces past wearing a name tag that says "downloads" while music plays.
  • Store — "But if you guess correctly, you'll win... a new store!" The background lifts, revealing the Gremlin while music plays.
  • E-mail — The Blender appears, and a buzzer is heard. "No, I'm sorry. The correct answer... was 'E-mail'." A "wrong" sound effect is heard in the background and "E-mail" is displayed in a white font.

Fun Facts


  • Homestar holds a microphone and sorts through a stack of index cards at the same time.
  • Homestar never blinks except when you roll over the "Downloads" button.

Inside References

  • The buzzer noise is the DELETED sound effect.
  • Homestar's first line resembles a line in Pumpkin Carve-nival. Homestar (or rather, Strong Bad in disguise), about to judge Strong Sad's pumpkin, says, "Okay, contestant number one. Your name is... Strong Sad?"
  • The Gremlin originally appeared in Homestarloween Party as a supercharged version of the real car, thought up by Bubs.
  • The whole menu is the set of The Show, which originated in the email the show.

Real-World References

  • Many elements from the game show The Price is Right appear in this Main Page. Among them are Homestar's thin microphone, the "Trip to Hawaii" board, the unknown price tag on the chair, and the background lifting to reveal a car, including his way of announcing a new car.

Fast Forward

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