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"Double Deuce!"

The 20X6 main page.

Cast (in order of appearance): 1-Up, Cheatball (spaceship), Stinkoman, Marzi-Mei, Pan Pan

Place: Planet K

Date: Thursday, January 9, 2003

Icon: 1-Up's head

Page Title: 20X6!!

Earlier Page Title: 20X6!!!


Button Effects

  • ToonsA space ship takes off from the left side of the screen.
  • Games — Stinkoman runs past, does a spin jump, and says "20X6".
  • Characters — Marzi-Mei appears, jumps a few times, says "Yatta!" (やった) and disappears.
  • Downloads — Pan Pan appears, eats a bowl of rice, and disappears with a pop.
  • Store — 1-Up gets blue hair, just like Stinkoman's.
  • E-mail — The screen looks sketched, Stinkoman appears in the foreground, and does his special attack, saying "Double Deuce!"

Fun Facts


  • "Yatta!" is a Japanese word which means "I did it!", or "All right!" in English.


  • This main page was the first and only appearance of 20X6-style Marzipan until the release of Stinkoman 20X6 level 10 17 years later, when she appeared in the new intro cinematic and ending cutscene with a redesign and the name Marzi-Mei.


  • Pan Pan's eating sound is also his talking sound.
  • Like the plane in the Atari Main Page, the spaceship will pass over Stinkoman when he flips if you time mousing over the toons button at the right time.
  • Marzi-Mei's mouth does not move when she says "Yatta!"
  • Stinkoman's mouth doesn't move when he says "20X6".

Real-World References

  • Marzi-Mei's design on this Main Page prior to her redesign after a long absence resembles the Sailor Moon main characters.
  • Marzi-Mei's pose is nearly identical to Chun Li's victory pose from Street Fighter II (and all of the later Street Fighter variants and spinoffs).
  • Stinkoman's spin jump looks and sounds just like Samus Aran's spin jump (without the Screw Attack) from the Metroid games.
  • The spaceship which appears when you mouse-over "toons" bears a strong resemblance to a ship from the NES racing game Galaxy 5000. It also appears in the Stinkoman game.
  • Stinkoman's Double Deuce powerup resembles the Kamehameha from Dragonball Z.

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