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The Runner has landed.

Homestar is on the moon.

Cast (in order FUCK YOU ALL== Fun Facts ==

  • This is Nebulon's first and so far only real world appearance on the site. All other appearances have been in alternate forms. (i.e. Powered by The Cheat, the Limozeen TV Show, Stinkoman 20X6, and a wooden cutout.)
  • On Earth, the only recognizable place is the United States. The rest of North America and South America should also be visible. This could be a reference to the Theme Song Video.
  • If you view the swf file and zoom in on the star that is at the center of the Strong Bad constellation, there is a white dot next to it, even without the constellation showing.
  • This is perhaps the only known instance in which Homestar's arms are visible, although sleeves may just be part of the suit.
  • When the Astronaut appears from the rocket you can clearly see that the star next to him is overlapping the flag he is holding.
  • The astronaut is clearly larger than the capsule he is in.

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