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Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki. Things are a little messy around here. We need your help to finish things!

Welcome to wiki! WEE HEE! That's bupkis!

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What's New? H* updates - The most recent updates to


  • Wiki Users - A listing of users who are registered on this wiki.
  • Links - Links to pages about Homestar Runner.
  • Quotes - Favorite quotes that characters have said.
  • Glossary - A glossary of terms used on the Homestar Runner site.
  • Inside Jokes - A list of inside jokes on the Homestar Runner site.
  • Rejects - We're not sure what they are.
  • Sightings - Significant Homestar Runner sightings. ie; Pop-culture references.
  • Standards - Interested in contributing to the Wiki or transcribing toons? Read this first.
  • Ledger - A history of donations and payments for the wiki.
  • Projects - Projects that the users of the wiki are currently working on.
  • Sandbox - A place to play around and learn how to edit pages.
  • WikiTroll - Definition of WikiTroll and list of known offenders.

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