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Welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki. Things are a little messy around here. We need your help to finish things.

How to copy an old page to the new wiki

Instead of recreating the old pages from scratch, you can access the old version of each page at Click on the "Edit" button on the old Wiki to grab the Wiki code.

If you need ideas for where you can start helping, check the HRWiki:Projects page. If you're trying to get used to things, please play in the HRWiki:Sandbox. We are currently working on 3,086 articles.

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What's New? H* updates - The most recent updates to


  • Links - Links to pages about Homestar Runner.
  • Quotes - Favorite quotes that characters have said.
  • Glossary - A glossary of terms used on the Homestar Runner site.
  • Inside Jokes - A list of inside jokes on the Homestar Runner site.
  • Sightings - Significant Homestar Runner sightings. ie; Pop-culture references.
  • Transcription Standards - Interested in helping us transcribe? Read this first.
  • Ledger - A history of donations and payments for the wiki.
  • Projects - Projects that the users of the wiki are currently working on.
  • Sandbox - A place to play around and learn how to edit pages.
  • WikiTroll - Definition of WikiTroll and list of known offenders.

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