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Homestar—Now available in Tofu.

To find the Luau Main Page wait until the end of "The Luau". In this main page you see Tofu Homestar at Marzipan's luau. Notice that it has a plainer look, only links to the first 13 Main pages, has Copyright 2000 only, doesn't have the weekly links at the top, and the changing menu oval has a link to the Spin 'n' Say and the The Audition game (the last two only appear when this main page is accessed straight from the actual toon), as well as an old museum update, Fluffy Puff Commercial, old T-Shirts, main pages 11 12 and 13, The Homestar Quiz, and Marzipan's Answering machine volume 3.

Page title: "Everyone loves tofu!!"

Cast (in order of appearance): Tofu Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Strong Bad

Place: Marzipan's Gazebo

  • Toons — Marshmallow roasting sticks go through the Tofu Homestar Runner.
  • Games — A bite is taken out of his head.
  • Characters — His head sets on fire.
  • Downloads — His head slides off his body.
  • Store — Marzipan walks in and says "You look really handsome."
  • Email — Strong Bad jumps in the gazebo and starts dancing to "Poot Slap".


  • Scroll over characters, then QUICKLY scroll over downloads. Homestar's head won't fall off, and his mouth will stay open.
  • Scroll over characters, and hold the mouse button down. While still holding it, scroll over downloads to make his head fall off. Then hold the button again, and go back on characters. His head will be black, but it won't be on fire!
  • Scroll over characters, hold the mouse button down, slide the cursor to an area with no links, then let go. Homestar's head will be black, and stuck on fire. Scroll over any of the choices excluding characters, and his head will return to normal but the fire will still be there.
  • If you keep the cursor over e-mail long enough, the music will stop but Strong Bad will keep dancing.

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