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(She has a YouTube account you know.)
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Little Girl (Astrid Renee) has a [ YouTube] account, you can check it out [ here].
== See also ==
== See also ==
*[[Other Little Girl]]
*[[Other Little Girl]]

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Ridiculously cute
Still cute three years later
Littler girl

Little Girl is the niece of The Brothers Chaps and the daughter of Karen Chapman Wagner. She has interacted with puppet Homestar Runner characters in various puppet shorts. Homestar Runner occasionally has trouble understanding what she says (e.g., misinterpreting the word "presents" as "breakfasts"). Strong Bad does not have this problem as much, but seems annoyed with the Little Girl at times, as opposed to Homestar who enjoys speaking with her (except for when she's inflicting pain upon him). She apparently isn't fond of The Cheat, as she tosses him away after holding him for a bit in Strong Bad vs. Little Girl!. According to the commentary for car, she pronounces Strong Mad and Strong Sad's names as Graw Mad and Gron Sad, respectively.

Little Girl first appeared as a baby in the secret page Matt Cake. Her name is Astrid Renee, and she was also featured in If I Ran the Camera, in cartoon form. Her mother and uncles often discuss her reactions to Homestar Runner cartoons in DVD commentaries.


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