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Like Ducks, and Goats, Lions are one of the few real animals that are constantly mentioned in the Homestar universe.



Gift Exchange Lion

Gift Exchange Lion

A Lion (that seems to be missing a leg) that appears in Decemberween Teen Girl Squad. Cheerleader, So and So, and The Ugly One all dive into its mouth in pursuit of Decemberween presents, but What's Her Face declines. It has a half digested gazelle carcass within it.

"It's a lion!"

The "It's a lion!" lion

A Powered by The Cheat lion that shows up in the surreal Experimental Film. It appears on the screen of the ATM, wearing Homestar's hat and captioned "it's a lion!" The phrase "It's a lion!" also appears later in Experimental Film.

"The Heart of a Lion"

"Heart of a lion" is a line from Limozeen's Because It's Midnite.

Eating Lions

In secret recipes, Strong Bad says that the senders of the email, being from Nigeria, are probably used to eating "exotic fruits, nectars and lions".

Book Writing Lion

In a review for Leomard Sportsinterviews' book This Book is Better Than 1st, 2nd, and Quite Possibly Even 3rd Base, "Just Nobody Sportsinterviews" says that "Lem has come roaring back like some type of book writing lion."

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