Limozeen Live! - 27 Mar 2008

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This article is about the March 27, 2008 performance by Limozeen. For other uses, see Limozeen Live!.
Rockin' out, for reals

Limozeen Live! was a concert on March 27, 2008 that took place at the 10 High Club in Atlanta. The performance was hosted by Y-O-U.

The members of Limozeen were portrayed by the following musicians. All except Chapman and Arrison are members of Y-O-U:

Video recordings of the concert were later posted to YouTube on April 4, 2008 by "tdougland". On December 27, 2017, @StrongBadActual shared a downloadable version of the audio straight from the soundboard. The page title describes it as a bootleg recording.

Running Time: 47:37

Page Title (HTML Version): Limozeen LIVE Bootleg!

Set List

Song Description Length Link Notes
sloshy live at 10 high - because it's midnite sloshy covers limozeen's biggest hit LIVE, contractually obligated by their label, of course. 0:56 watch Performed by sloshy
We Don't Really Even Care About You Limozeen covers Sloshy's number 84 (on the college charts) hit! 2:32 watch
Nite Mamas "50 miles an hour ain't no way to live your life..." 2:44 watch
Colorin' This song is quite possibly the only metal song about crayons. 2:34 watch
Showdown The Palaroncini brothers make time for a light workout in the middle of this inspirational rocker. 3:58 watch
Feed the Childrens Limozeen's touching benefit song: Feed the Childrens 1:31 watch
Today is Alright 4 2Nite From the closing credits of 'Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?' 2:53 watch
Women and Men Acoustic guitars and stools. That's all ya need. 3:51 watch New song
Livin' It Up (It's Tough Bein' A Box) Frontman Larry introduces us to the rest of the boys in Limozeen. 4:53 watch
Brain Sister Smart girls can be hot, too. Sometimes. 2:41 watch
Because, It's Midnite Heart of a lion...check. Wings of a bat...double check. 3:51 watch
Moving Very Slowly Taranchula frontman Schenkel McDoo joins Limozeen onstage for a happy song. 4:38 watch Featuring Taranchula lead singer Schenkel McDoo
Trogdor S and more different S collide!! 2:46 watch Featuring Strong Bad in Schenkel McDoo's body
Fhqwhgads After possessing Schenkel McDoo, Strong Bad tears up the #1 Jam of the Summer. 4:15 watch
The Cheat Is Not Dead Limozeen helps Strong Bad rejoice in The Cheat's still-alive status. 4:30 watch

Fun Facts

  • At the time, Y-O-U were in residency at the 10 High performing as "The Surprise Party": every week they would perform a different show, often as a completely different band.
  • Strong Bad introduces "Fhqwhgads" by saying "This one's an least, it's an oldie where I come from," and "It's a blues riff in B. Watch me for the changes." This is a reference to Back to the Future, where Marty McFly uses the same lines to introduce a performance of "Johnny B. Goode".
  • "Colorin'" starts with a riff similar to "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC.
  • Larry claims that Limozeen wrote "Today Is Alright 4 2nite," but in dangeresque 3, the credits claimed that it was written and performed by Strong Bad.
  • Larry claims that Gary's Hardest Chord Ever is "a demonished 5th mixed with a diminished 7th" but Fretmagic's article says the chord is actually "a combination of a diminished 9th and a demonished 10th".
  • When Limozeen plays "Nite Mamas", the karaoke video from strongbad_email.exe Disc Two can be seen on screen in the background.

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