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This article is about laser beams. For the band, see Lazor. For the Cheat Commandos enemy, see Blue Laser.

Lasers are oftentimes seen in Homestar Runner cartoons, in the form of laser guns, laser shows, and laser lemons.


  • Homestarloween Party — In Strong Bad's continuation of the scary story, The Visor Robot fires lasers at Pom Pom's girfriends and their pets, destroying them.
  • The House That Gave Sucky TreatsThe Poopsmith is dressed up as Lazer Tag. If you select the Astropop to give to him and Pom Pom as their Halloween treat, the Poopsmith will shoot his gun at Pom Pom, only to knock himself off the steps after it hits him in the chest sensor.
  • Email band names — One of the possible band names Strong Bad suggests is "Lazor".
  • Email 3 Wishes — After describing his second wish, Strong Bad comments on how he would tour with a heavy metal band as their mascot and engage the lead singer in a laser fight, much to the supposed delight of the fans.
  • Everybody to the Limit — The Visor Robot fires two lasers during the video.
  • Email comic and Teen Girl Squad Issue 1 — The Visor Robot VOIPs So and So with his laser, which results in her being burned or killed.
  • Email new handsStrong Bad said that he should have picked guitars and lazor guns for his new hands. In the Easter Egg at the end, you can make one of his hands turn into a laser.
  • Email coloring — "Laser Lemon" is the name of Strong Bad and The Cheat's secret project as well as one of the strange crayon names noted by the email sender. After discovering that "Laser Lemon" was a crayon name, Strong Bad ordered The Cheat to instead build "Laser Limes" or laser beams.
  • Puppet Jam: Tropical Lazor Beams — Title involves the word "lazor".
  • Summer Short Shorts — A laser show featuring Limozeen is shown.
  • These Peoples Try to Fade Me — Coach Z raps about laser crabs and laser beams.
  • Email strong badathlon — According to Strong Bad, the final event of the Strong Badathlon is "Probably Something with Guitars, Lasers, Robots, and Hot Girls".
  • Email from work — Strong Bad mentions using a "lazor mop" to scrub a whale.
  • Email bike thief — Strong Bad tries to get past a "light tech security" system that consists of two Laser Tag guns duct-taped to The Couch.

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