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Real Larry with signature

Larry Palaroncini is the raspy-voiced lead singer of the hair-metal band Limozeen. He has almost always been played by Matt Chapman, but has also been played by The Brothers Chaps' older brother Donnie. His screen name is "ladeezluvlarry71" and he sometimes holds video chats with Strong Bad. He also apparently plays an MMORPG, in which he is a member of a guild.

Although he appears to play the guitar tossed to him by "Space Gary" during the announcement at the end of Limozeen's cartoon, most sources indicate he contributes only vocals to Limozeen's music. Indeed, he allegedly can't pass the first song of Guitar Hero on Easy difficulty (despite claiming to play on Medium), although he insists on holding a Guitar Hero controller during practice sessions "so he doesn't feel left out", according to the promo for their March 27, 2008 show.

Matt Chapman recorded two songs for an episode of Sealab 2021 in a Larry-style voice: "Respek Knuckles" and "The Knowledge Hat".

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